Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Welcome to My New Makeup Blog!

Hello Ladies! Allow me to introduce myself... My name is Jessica and I am the owner of Little Goddess Cosmetics. I've started this blog because I LVE talking about makeup, skincare, and beauty. I also love talking about food, so you may see a food post sneak in here once in a while. 

Besides chatting about beauty, I also want to introduce you to my makeup line, Little Goddess Cosmetics, which I started so that all you beautiful ladies (and gentlemen)
could rely on a trendy and affordable makeup line for the modern day pinup!

Here on my blog you can learn tips, tricks, and step-by-steps. You can also ask questions and get answers! Now, I am by no means a makeup or skincare expert, but I do have a ton of knowledge and experience.
I will be posting step-by-step videos featuring Little Goddess products, so if you have any requests for looks you may want to see, please ask!

Thank you so much for visiting/subscribing! I will be posting a few times a week so check back and participate regularly and don't forget to visit us at!

Love to all,