Thursday, March 22, 2012

NEW Spring Products!

I have Spring fever!

It is getting HOT here on the east coast and you know what else is HOT? 

Little Goddess Cosmetics
NEW Spring Products!


The look for Spring is neons and neutrals and saturated colors! Mixing a neutral face with a pop of color! Naturally glowing skin with a bright lip! Neutral lips with a bright eye!

First up to help you achieve that look,
NEW Little Goddess Baked Marbleized Eyeshadows!

Three different liquid pigments baked together to create one individual shade! When you bake liquids together, it helps create an airy, creamy texture. They are individually baked on their own terracotta tile not allowing moisture to escape, creating a super fine powder.
Can be used wet or dry! 

Next, to help you get that just out of breath flush to your cheeks,
NEW Little Goddess Baked Blush!

This blush is for the people who don't like blush!
Who doesn't like blush you ask?
If you think that blush makes you look like a circus clown,
then this is the blush for you!

Our Baked Blush will impart a natural luminosity
that will make you look like you were born with it! 

Lastly, our NEW Little Goddess Luxury Gloss!

Lips that can stop traffic! Lightweight, intense pigments with superior shine! Ultra hydrating for smoother lips and a glowing finish. Angled paddle applicator. 

In addition to our new products, we have also added to one of our longtime favorites! We would like to introduce Buff to our Lipshine SPF 15 family, a nearly nude super flattering shade!

Also, before the summer, we will be adding a new Gel Eyeliner to the family!
Can't wait!

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