Sunday, July 24, 2011

How to Repair Damaged Powder Cosmetics!

Hey Guys!

I was online the other day when I came across this cool article explaining how to repair damaged (crushed) powder eyeshadows, blushes or any pressed powder product.

Here's what you need:
Rubbing Alcohol
Dropper or Straw
1 Plastic Baggy
1 Crushing Tool
1 Coin
Paper Towel, Tissue or Fabric

Step 1- Insert the broken powder product into the plastic baggy.
Step 2- With your crushing tool, gently crush product into small fine pieces (as opposed to big chunky pieces)
Step 3-Very carefully remove product and place on top of baggy (to alleviate spillage and mess)
Step 4-With a dropper or straw (place straw in alcohol, place finger over straw-homemade dropper) drip a few (5 ish) drops of alcohol onto product.
Step 5-Cover your coin with paper towel or product and press down on alcohol soaked product. You want to apply enough pressure to pack product back together.

Product will look like new!

I have attached a video so you can see how it is done. My product did not turn out as "new" as I had anticipated-I believe I should have added more alcohol and used a bigger coin! I had some lines from the edge of the coin, a bigger coin would have fit better and would have created a more uniform look.

Also, the higher the alcohol content, the quicker the
product will dry!

Good Luck and happy repairing!