Sunday, October 27, 2013

Happy Halloween- Open Wound Zombie Bite

Oh hi kitty cats!
Halloween is this week so here is a little picture tutorial for anyone who may need to create an open wound (can also be a bite mark) and you don't have time to run to the costume store. Everything you will need can be purchased in a supermarket or drugstore. 

Here is what you will need:  

  • A palette~you can use a disposable plate.
  • Ripped up toilet or tissue paper. Pull the paper apart to make it single ply and make sure the ripped pieces have jagged edges. 
  • Duo Glue~this is the glue you use to apply fake eyelashes.
  • Sponges
  • Fake blood~If you don't have any on hand, you can make some. Click here to learn how to make fake blood.
  • Foundation
  • Powder
  • Black eyeshadow~not shown
  • Q tips~not shown
Step 1: Using a sponge, stipple a layer of Duo Glue on the area you wish to make your wound. 

My sexy gams. Everyone calm down!

Step 2: Take ripped tissue paper and apply over the Duo Glue. 

  Step 3: With your sponge, stipple some more Duo Glue over the tissue paper until it is glued down to your skin.

Step 4: After the glue has dried, apply a thin layer of foundation to camouflage the white paper. If you are using white or grey body paint (because you're a zombie), then go over the paper with whatever color your skin will be. Powder over the foundation to dry it a little more.

Step 5: Take another sponge and stipple fake blood all over the wound. You can apply a thicker layer of blood over the areas you would like to make look like puncture wounds or deeper cuts.

Step 6: Take a Q-tip and apply black eyeshadow to the area's that you would like to look deeper or like dried blood. You can then stipple a little more blood over the shadow just to blend it a little more.

Voila'! Open wound/bite:

You can clean up the edges if you want to, I chose to leave it as is because I thought it looked like scratches. You can also drip some fake blood under the wound. If you don't have black eyeshadow, deep purple will work as well. 

Remember, if you can't fly with the big girls, stay off the broom!

Happy Halloween Kittens!