Thursday, April 29, 2010

Little Goddess Rock n Roll Smokey Eye

Hello All! I spoke about the smokey eyed look briefly in a previous post. The smokey eye is probably the most searched makeup look on You Tube, and probably the look I am asked about the most. It is definately a very sexy look. In this tutorial I used blacks, greys, and silver. There are so many different ways to do a smokey eye-you can create the look with just 2 shadow colors and a pencil. The products I used  for this tutorial are:
  • Creme liner in Absolute Black
  • Carbonized Dimensional Eye Shadow
  • Ink Mineral Eye Shadow
  • Opal Mineral Eye Shadow
  • Platinum Mineral Eye Shadow
  • Neo Plum Mineral Eye Shadow
  • HD Mascara in Carbon Black
  • Nude Lip Liner
  • Super Gloss in Super Nectar
I hope you love it!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Monday's Product of the Week!

Little Goddess Creative Color Palette

Everybody loves a smokey eye. The smokey eye is sexy. It can be dramatic and intense, it can also be subtle. There are about a gazillion different ways to create a smokey eyed look, remember, the term "smokey eye" refers to a technique of smoking the eye out, which consist of blending, blending, and some more blending. You do not want to see where one color ends and the other colors begin. A smokey eye can be created using pretty much any colors, although traditionally, it is created using black and grey colors. I personally love a smokey eye using browns and purples. For me the most successful smokey eye requires 3 different shadows to create the look. A dark color at the lash line and on the lid, a medium toned color in the crease, and the lightest color right below the brow bone. What better way to create the perfect smokey eye than by purchasing the Little Goddess Creative Color Palette! It's easy-just choose three Little Goddess eye shadow colors that are best for you and whatever look you want to create, it will be packaged and sent to you in a sleek black compact with a mirror and a double ended eyeshadow brush!

Available at