Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Purely Cosmetics Pure Silk Powder and Diamond Perfect Finishing Powder

Yesterday I explained the difference between a finishing and setting powder. Today I want to introduce you to Purely Cosmetics Pure Silk Powder and Diamond Perfect Finishing Powder. 

Purely Cosmetics Powders
Pure Silk Powder and Diamond Perfect Finishing Powder
As I had mentioned yesterday, I am not a big fan of tons of powder on my face because too much powder can age you. Nobody wants a powdery chalkboard for a face. Of course, my clients are going to be powdered 99% of the time but my clients usually have situations that call for it such as makeup that has to last all day or being under hot lights, etc. You get the idea. When I have to powder myself or someone else, I find that most of the time I am reaching for my Purely Cosmetics powders.

Both of these powders come packaged in a standard plastic screw top jar but on the inside there is a cool twist top sifter that stops the powder from going all over the place while you are traveling or if you throw the powder into your makeup bag. They also came nicely packaged with a Werthers Hard Candy. Nice touch Purely Cosmetics! 

Purely Cosmetics Powder Packaging
Smart sifter top!
First up, Pure Silk Powder. As I had explained yesterday, setting powders are applied after your base to set your makeup and lock it in! Let me start by saying, this powder has one single ingredient. Yes, let me repeat that: one single ingredient. It is 100% Pure Silk Powder finely milled from the wings of angels. I don't know where they get their silk but it is incredibly finely milled. It is sooooo super soft that it makes regular soft feel hard.  

According to the website:

Silk powder has dual properties of being able to absorb or release moisture as temperature and humidity changes, while also being able to absorb excess oils, making it ideal for both dry and oily skin types. Silk powder has 18 amino acids essential to the human body, reflects UV rays to aid in preventing sun damage, and it's light reflecting properties are the closest to natural skin reflection. Our ultrafine, pure silk powder will leave your face feeling silky smooth. It is colorless, and due to it's reflecting properties, will leave a more matte finish than our traditional foundation alone. Works well as a primer, setting or finishing powder.

Purely Cosmetics ingredients list
The very minimal ingredients list for both products
 So this is how I use this powder, usually under my eyes after concealer to prevent creasing and I have had absolutely no issues with it settling into fine lines or making my skin look older. Now the other crazy way to use this is as a primer. Yes that's right-I apply a light dusting before I apply my foundation. I KNOW! That sounds bananas especially if you have been taught, trained and preached to about how you always powder after your foundation-and you still do, however you don't necessarily have to if you use powder as a primer. This goes against everything I have explained to you in my last post but trust me, it works! I only do this if I need my makeup to last a long time and I do it for brides because it helps their makeup last all day. You only need a very light dusting, more than that and it is too much. You'll end up looking like a sponge cake. 

It is amazing how your pores disappear after applying this to your skin. It even states on Purely Cosmetics website that you can use this as a primer, setting or finishing powder. You can watch this Wayne Goss video that explains it a little better but you should definitely try it if your makeup tends to fade or you are on the oily side.

Next up, Diamond Perfect Finishing Powder-this ish is just voodoo magic. Again minimal ingredients. The idea behind this powder is that the crushed up diamonds create this blue cast to the skin (not visible to the eye) that creates an optical diffusion illusion. This powder is like having a photo filter for your face. It is seriously amazing and unlike any powder I have ever used. It feels creamy and makes your skin feel ridiculously soft. It's like whipped cream and kitten's fur got together and had a powder baby. Creamy soft
It blurs any imperfections and makes your makeup look very polished. This works beautifully in photographs. According to the website it has almost 1 carat of diamonds in every jar. Also, this does not contain shimmer as the name may lead you to believe. It just makes you look like you are glowing. It is definitely a must have on my list.

Purely Cosmetics Diamond Perfect Finishing Powder
I wish you could feel how absolutely creamy the texture of this powder is.

So that's my love letter to Purely Cosmetics, I highly recommend both of these products. You can't go wrong with either one. And you can't go wrong with hitting one of the buttons below!

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What's the Difference Between Setting and Finishing Powders

Oh hiiiii there! I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend! I sure did! Now back to business. 

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between a setting powder and a finishing powder? Well thank the makeup Gods that I am here to explain it to you!

It's quite simple actually. A Setting Powder sets your makeup and a Finishing Powder finishes your makeup look. 

Setting Powder

When you apply any cream based product (and some liquids) such as concealer or foundation, you must set the product otherwise it will move and/or crease on your face. Also, cream products might look to creamy (or greasy) on film if not properly powdered. You want your makeup to stay put so you have to lock it into place with a setting powder. Setting powders can be colorless or have a tone to them. So to be clear, setting powders are applied after your base makeup to set it into place. Ben Nye powders are a good example of setting powders.

Finishing Powder

Finishes your makeup look. A finishing powder can add texture to the skin, such as a dewy or a matte finish. It can also blur imperfections. Finishing powder will pull everything together and complete your makeup look, making it look more polished and professional. You would add a finishing powder at the very end of your makeup application as a last step. MUFE HD Finishing Powder is a good example of a finishing powder.

I always powder my clients that I work on but you have to pick and choose which is more important so as not to over powder someone. For example, a bride will have different powder needs than someone on television or a model on a photoshoot. For my personal preference, I am not a big fan of too much powder on my skin. I find that overdoing it can age you and ain't nobody got time for that! So a little setting powder under the eyes to set concealer and then a light dusting of a finishing powder at the end to pull it all together and that's it! You can refresh your skin if you over powder by misting it with either a setting or finishing spray. Same concept as the powders-setting spray sets and a finishing spray finishes. I would not use both but everyone has to find what works for them and their comfort level.

How to tell the difference between the two?  Most of the time, it will be in the product name. If not, time to learn your ingredients and quite honestly, I have not found there are set ingredients for either so it would be best to ask the sales person or check the companies website to be absolutely sure.

Tomorrow I will tell you all about Purely Cosmetics Silk Setting Powder and their Diamond Finishing Powder. Two wonderful products! Until then, make sure you click on one of the pretty buttons below!


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