Monday, February 17, 2014

Spoiler Alert: February Birchbox

I have not been happy with my past few Birchbox boxes. 
I am still one of BB's biggest fans, I recommend them so much I should have an affiliate link on my blog for them (I do not).
This months box consisted of shampoo and conditioner, an eye cream from StriVectin, a "Miracle Skin Transformer", and breath mints. 
What the fuck is that?
Seriously Birchbox, I know you were also giving away concealers and eyeliners but neither of those made it to my box. 
 I watch the YouTube video that you post every month, revealing all the cool items that are going to be shipped and I am starting to feel like I never receive any of the makeup items that you offer. 

So back to the products, I am interested in trying the StriVectin-AR Retinol Eye Treatment although it is the 2nd StriVectin eye product I have received from Birchbox (April and I'm still using it), a shampoo and conditioner from Bain de Terre even though I received a shampoo and conditioner from Bain de Terre in my October box, Miracle Skin Face Transformer Spotlight (the one makeup product that I did receive which is going to be a glorified primer/bb/tinted moisturizer multi use product) and an effervescent breath treatment by Thomas P Connelly DDS (almost as exciting as the foot wipes they sent me). 
If they would have sent me another nail polish, I would have lost my mind. 
Not that these are terrible products but I was looking forward to some of the other products I know they were giving out so I'm pouting about it. 
This box gets a 4. It would've gotten a 5 but I removed a point due to my crappy attitude towards this month's box. Anything that makes me pissy deserves a point taken off. 
You know what would make me happy again? If you would click on one of the links below!

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Welcome Home to Me! Now Time to Dig the Car Out!

Hey guys! 

I am back from my vacation and have a ton of catching up to do! 

I will have all new post this week, some reviews on new products, a little mini Ulta haul (dislike that word for some reason) and other random ramblings!

So bear with me as I get my life back in order and I will be in your inbox tomorrow with my usual witty banter!