Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy December!

HO HO HO and Happy Birthday to ME!

There are some really happy days in the month of December! You have Christmas, New Years Eve and the happiest day of all-my birthday!

In honor of my very special day-which in my humble opinion should be considered a national holiday, I am going to be doing a very special giveaway!!

What will we be giving away you ask?

A Little Goddess Creative Color Pro Palette!

Yes that's right! You will be able to build your own Pro Palette choosing whichever Little Goddess eyeshadow colors you want to be in it!

There are 3 different ways you can join in the fun!

1. Subscribe to my blog and write in the comments section below which 3 colors you would like in you palette.

2. Like us on Facebook and post on our wall what colors you would like in your palette.
3. Follow us on Twitter and tweet me which colors you would like in your palette!

Do one or do them all! Just make sure you get involved!

I will be announcing 1 winner on my birthday, Thursday, December 15th! So you have 1 week to join.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Cleansers for Sensitive Skin

Whenever I come across a skin care product that I love, I want to share it with you guys!

Now some of you may be aware of the year long search for a cleanser I had been on. The reason I was on such a hunt for a cleanser was because it seemed as though absolutely every cleanser was making me break out. One of the reasons may have been that I was on an all "natural" kick and apparently natural makes me break out, especially essential oils.

The criteria for my cleansers go like this:
  • NO Fragrance (fragrance is really bad for your skin)
  • NO Parabens
  • Not too many strange chemical ingredients

Well I would like to introduce you to TWO fabulous, and very different, cleansers that I have found.

The first cleanser I found is Aquanil.
This has become my primary cleanser and I am now working on my 2nd bottle.

According to the bottle, Aquanil "provides gentle, complete cleansing of sensitive skin"
Aquanil is specially formulated to be free of oils and irritating soaps. It has the same consistency as Cetephil or CeraVe but without the long ingredients list and it is fragrance and paraben free! Aquanil was created for people with sensitive skin and I have not had a bad reaction to this cleanser, it is very gentle and does not break me out. The one negative is you will need a separate eye makeup remover to remove heavier eye makeup. I bought an 8 ounce bottle at for about $10.

The next cleanser I found is
FIX Malibu Wish Wash Exfoliating Powder Wash

I had received a very generous sample of this in one of my Birchbox deliveries.

Now this is an interesting little find as it is a powder that you activate with water. I had read that this was created by founder Rebecca Giles, who was tired of her favorite travel necessities being barred from planes, so she created this TSA friendly powder to make her life easier!

A little goes a long way with this so you want to place a small amount of powder in the palm of your hand and add a few drops of water to activate, massage into your skin and voila'! Clean skin! Wish Wash contains salicylic acid to gently exfoliate your skin and I know it says to avoid the eye area but I found this took off all of my eye makeup without any irritation! This is probably best used in the summer when you are a little more oily-I feel this has the potential to be drying due to the salicylic acid. This cleanser is a bit more pricey at $40 for a little over 1 ounce but if you're feeling flush, it's worth a try!

So those are my reviews for today, I hope I helped anyone looking for a cleanser for their sensitive skin. I will include the links below so if you want to try them out for yourself you can.

I will be announcing a very exciting, celebrating my birthday, giveaway in a few days so stay tuned!