Friday, May 20, 2011

Sexy Black Eyeliner!

Photo taken from the internet!

 I love eyeliner! I have posted about this before-check out my post from February of 2010! It's about my Little Goddess Creme Liner!

I have always been an eyeliner girl! I envy you ladies who can walk out the door with just a swish of mascara and gloss but I am not that girl, I feel downright naked without my eyeliner-I swear I can feel it not there!

Photo taken from the internet!

I love the sexiness of black eyeliner.
All the great sex
 symbols of our time wore dark eyeliner-Bridgitte Bardot, Sophia Loren and Pamela Anderson all were dark eyeliner, smokey eyed ladies!

Photo taken from the internet!
I love how the 1950's pin-ups
wore their sexy cat eyes, how the girl gangs all looked so sexy/tough and how Joan Jett looked so badass! 
***My grandmother Rose was in a girl gang back in her day! The Yobons (Noboys backwards! I wonder if she wore black eyeliner!*** 

Photo taken from the internet!
I wanted to do a quick video showing a dramatic black eyeliner look. There is no audio commentary in this video-some of you may be happy about that! It's my version of a short silent film with subtitles!

 If you are not used to wearing dark, dramatic eyeliner, you may just want to line your top lid to start and leave your lower lid alone! Eyeliner can be a great way to define eyes (and attitude) and really make your peepers pop but it can also be a harsh look if not done properly!

Little Goddess Products Used:

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Cashmere Eyeshadow
Sandstone Eyeshadow
HD Mascara
Brow Shaper Kit
Wild Pink Cream Blush
Absolute White Eyeliner
Nude Lipliner
Angel Liptoxyl

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Happy Lining!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Makeup Show NYC

Sunday, I had the pleasure of attending The Makeup Show.
The Makeup Show is in it's 6th year and was at the Metropolitan Pavilion in NYC this past weekend and is all about the business of makeup. It is a show for beauty insiders and makeup artist to network, meet clients, develop their business' and inspire their creative side. You can speak to industry insiders, meet the brands and the makeup artist that create the looks you see in magazines, movies and on the runways! You can attend workshops and listen to
the professionals speak on one of the many different stages they have set up, to teach you everything from how to build a career in makeup to how to camouflage a tattoo or create the perfect complexion for HD TV. You can purchase absolutely any product, tool or makeup artist secret weapon for your own personal use or to use in your kit.

Beautiful airbrushed eyes and hair from the Dinair booth!
This was my first time attending The Makeup Show and when I first walked in the door, I was quite overwhelmed. There was so much to see and hear, complete over stimulation of the senses. There were huge booths of makeup brands you know and love, as well as brands you've never heard of. There were booths full of brushes and sponges, makeup schools trying to seduce you and booths selling makeup cases. There was every shade and texture of product you can imagine and products that are just launching and will be the next big thing! 

Ooooohhhh and all the Fabulous people showing off all of their Fabulousness! 

A model getting her body airbrushed to look like her insides!
Airbrushing was a very big trend at the show. There was airbrushed everything! Airbrushed faces, airbrushed bodies, even airbrushed hair! I would say that airbrush products were the biggest item being touted at the show. Most every company makes their version of airbrush makeup with the Queen Bees being Temptu and Dinair.

I LOVED THIS! Dinair again!

There was also a big emphasis on hair design and accessories. Besides airbrushed hair (my favorite being the hot pink wig with the leopard spots), there were a lot of those feather extensions that I've seen a lot of. I believe you can have them hot glued into your hair or just clip them in-they are like feather earrings for you hair! Also, the tinsel looking extensions that are everywhere! They are called Hair Flairs and Adrienne Malouf wore them last season on Housewives of Beverly Hills. I personally don't like them and think only 15 year old girls should wear them or if you want to look like you have strands of synthetic hair mixed in with your nice real hair. They were a big hit at the show! 

Sparkly eyes and body courtesy of Xotic Eyes

also saw a lot of heavy sparkle makeup made specifically to be worn around the eyes. Eye Kandy and Xotic Eyes were the companies selling this look. Glitter near my pretty peepers makes me nervous but they are made to stay put and not flake.

So The Makeup Show is a magical place for anyone who has a love of makeup. It is a great place to see what the next big thing is, learn a little something new, inspire your creative juices, find that hard to find product and spend a fantasy day in Makeupland!

Another airbrushed lady from Dinair!