Sunday, March 2, 2014

ULTA Shopping Trip with Anastasia Dipbrow and NYX

While I was on vacation in Florida visiting the parents, me and the mother went makeup shopping at Ulta. Mother had never been to Ulta and she was interested in purchasing an Anastasia Dipbrow, as well as a new foundation. I was just interested in shopping for makeup. She also kept calling it Ultra which would be another post about my mother's vocabulary that she has made up. She makes up her own words. Similar to if you told her your name was Steve, she would call you Stove. We went to Selby gardens, she kept calling it Shelby Gardens. You get the picture. It brings me endless entertainment and material to tease her with. 
Hi Mom! **WAVES** 
While we are discussing my mother, that woman made a $125 skin care purchase without consulting me. What the hell was she thinking? AND she's not even using the damn product! Her irrational behavior concerns me. 

So this is what I purchased, another Dipbrow in Auburn, NYX HD Photogenic concealer, an Ulta Gel Liner, Ulta Automatic Liner, NYX Retractable liner and an Ulta Lipstick.

First Dipbrow ($18.00). I love this stuff but OMWow! You need to use a light hand because it's very easy to go from natural to Groucho Marx in the very quick swipe of your brush. The Auburn is much better suited for me especially with the hair color I am rocking right now but if you are not careful, your brows can look a little intense. 

Next up, NYX HD Concealer in Yellow. This stuff is yellow so if you're in the market for a yellow toned concealer, this is definitely an option. The texture is thin which is good for High Def and I've had no issues with it settling into fine lines, however the coverage did not blow me away. This is good if you don't have a ton to cover. You can use it as a color corrector and possibly a highlighter if your skin is darker toned. Either way it cost $4.99 so how can you go wrong?

The Ulta lipstick was a BOGO so the mother bought one and I got mine for free. Thanks Mom! The color I chose was #206 which is an orangey, coral-ly, peachy color(?) I picked it because I actually wanted a lipstick with color. I am a nude lip girl but when I get around sunshine and warm weather I look for a color a little more juicy than pinky beige. Which I guess is pretty much any other color besides pinky beige. Anyhoodles, I was underwhelmed. It wasn't as juicy as I had hoped. I will probably wear it when the summer roles around but for now it's in the drawer. I want a delicious violet color which is also my niece's name so that would be two pluses.

Ulta Gel liner in Storm, Ulta Automatic in Black Plum (both $8.00) and NYX Waterproof Retractable liner ($4.49) in Turquoise Blue. Although green and purple are my favorite colors for brown eyes, I have not gotten much use from the Ulta purple liners but have been using the Green every day! I love a bright green on the waterline. I will use the purples this week and report back.

So that was my trip, the mother purchased a Dipbrow in blond, a Calvin Klein foundation, some lipsticks and nail polish and I can't remember what else. 

Some more updates for you, the breath mints that I received in my last Birchbox-they are freaking POP ROCKS! What am I 12? What adult wants to walk around with Pop Rocks popping off in their mouth? They aren't even minty-they taste sweet which can be cloying and not refreshing. 

Also, I keep reading about people using lemon juice on their face as some kind of brightener or face treatment? PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS PEOPLE. Besides the fact that lemon is highly irritating when applied directly to your skin, from what I understand it can cause a phototoxic reaction which basically will burn and blister your skin which means you are DAMAGING YOUR SKIN. Please stop blindly following people who tell you to do this crazy shit to your skin (and your eyelashes). Research everything. Even the stuff that I tell you, research and make sure I am correct.

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