Thursday, March 13, 2014

The International Beauty Show at Jacob Javits Center

The beautiful ceiling at the Jacob Javits Center

The International Beauty Show was just in town this week at the Jacob Javits Center. Three full days of crazy creativity!

The energy at these shows are just incredible! It really hits you like a wall of sound, beauty, fantasy and theatrics all at once.

I have never attended IBS before. This show focuses more on hair, nails and spa treatments then it does makeup. That combined with the fact that I had a bad head cold probably saved my wallet. I could not think of anything but climbing into bed. And hot soup, I thought a lot about hot soup. I did walk away with Ardel lashes, a brush from Crown Brushes and Hair Chalk in purple, which does not show up at all in my hair. I have to figure out if I am not applying it properly, otherwise this will be purple hair chalk for my eyebrows.

All of this cost me a whopping $19! Love the savings at the trade shows!

Ardel lashes are available at any drugstore, supermarket or beauty supply store. 
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I will figure this out and I will have purple hair!

I love this Crown Brush-it comes to a little point. Perfect for the outer corner/crease.
 I love the trade shows and usually attend IMATS and The Makeup Show but I find them so damn overwhelming that sometimes it is hard to truly enjoy them. I usually go with a plan. I make a list of the products I need and the companies I want to visit and tackle it that way, otherwise I am like a deer in the headlights, wanting everything and purchasing nothing. Pair your favorite products/companies with blasting music, tons of beautiful visual stimulation, thousands of people all trying to look at the same products you are and your favorite stars of the makeup world and it can be quite a lot to absorb all at once.
Like I said, this show focused on hair and nails. We all know how I feel about nails so I really could not care less about nail related products but I am in the market for a good hair dryer. There were around 200 different distributors of hair dryers there with a selection of approximately 1000 different options. I left empty handed. I will have a much easier time going to Ulta and choosing from the 5 they offer that are in my price range.

So here are some photos. I wish I captured some good photos of the massive crowds. Blast some beat driven music and get the full experience! Enjoy!

Eve Pearl, award winning makeup artist, on her hustle.

Body makeup at Mehron

Hair design on the main stage

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