Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Hello All!
Just a quick post to wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving!!
I hope you will all be spending time with loved ones, eating a lot of food, laughing, napping, and drinking! All of the good stuff-I know I will!
I also wanted to take this opportunity to tell you all about my beautiful, and very talented, cousin Kristin.
Some of you may remember when I had my little baking gig with Hurley Girly Sweets and Treats. We used to sell our delicacies at the Old Stockade Farmers Market in Kingston. 
Kristin was 1/3 of our baking team-the other 1/3 being my mother, Lucille.
I was never a big fan of baking, I would much rather cook a meal, however Kristin loves it and she is quite wonderful at it.
She has continued down the baking path with:

   Confections by Kristin

 She is taking orders now for her holiday goodies!
Yum! I am getting hungry just looking at the menu!
Kristin's cookies are homemade with the finest ingredients and a lot of love!
(I know she doesn't have them on the menu, but Kris makes the most amazing apple cider donuts! They are a little bit of sugary heaven!)
So if anyone needs to bring a dessert, give a gift, or you just don't feel like baking your own this year, give Kristin a call or send her an email and she will help you out!
She is primarily delivering in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx, however, you can call her to discuss shipping options.

Everyone have a very safe Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Brushes B*tch*s

        Every artist needs their tools. Just as Michelangelo had his favorite sculpting tools, and Picasso and daVinci had their brushes, makeup artist also have their tools they use to create their beautiful masterpiece's.
        A makeup artist brush holds a lot of power and can create magic, however, most people do not have all these tools or even know what to do with them, so I am here to help! I have gathered a few of my favorite brushes and will explain the functions of each and how they help to create the looks you love.
First, the Foundation Brush-When I first saw someone apply foundation with a brush, I thought "how bizarre" because I had only known foundation to be applied with a sponge. Applying foundation with a brush provides a much more even application without streaks like you sometimes get when you apply foundation with a sponge. Just dot the foundation on your forehead, nose, and chin, then blend outward. Don't forget to blend into your neck. Another pro of using a foundation brush as opposed to a sponge is you don't waste any of the product so a little goes a long way and you are using less product. With a sponge, most of the product gets sucked up into the sponge. You can also use a foundation brush to apply cream blush to the face.

                                     Next, the Concealer Brush-The concealer brush is like a mini foundation brush. Both usually have synthetic bristles, and the concealer brush is used to place concealer on the face and also makes it easier to apply to the inner corners of the eye and right under the lash line where you sometimes get some redness. I like to place the concealer on with a brush and then tap it in with my finger-the warmth of your finger helps the makeup blend easier. You know I like my makeup warmed up when I apply it!

Fluffy Contour Brush-This is my most valued brush for doing eye makeup because I can create a whole look using just this brush. This is a great brush for contouring the crease of your lid and also for blending and creating the sexy smoked out look. I also keep one of these clean, with no shadow on it, so I can blend any harsh lines without adding any color. The key to a professional look is blending.


Small Flat Shadow Brush-This brush helps to apply concentrated amounts of shadow in very precise areas, such as the outer V area of your eye or on the rounded part of your lid. 

Angle Brush-This brush comes in a small size and a larger size. The mini angle brush I use primarily to line my eyes and can also be used to set pencil or cream liner with eyeshadow. The larger angle brush is another brush that can be used to create that sexy cat eye V shape at the outer corner of your eye. It helps to extend the shadow out and elongate your eyes.

Smudge Brush-There are a few different shaped smudge brushes. Smudge brushes are used to smudge and blend eyeliner. Whenever you apply any eyeliner, either pencil or cream, it should be smudged a little so you do not have a super harsh line. A line that is smudged a little is much more sexy and youthful than an aging harsh line.

               Fine Line Eyeliner Brush-This brush is used with creme eyeliner, such as Little Goddess Absolute Creamliner, to create a super fine line and a super sexy pin-up cat eye. This Fine Line brush can be purchased at

Eyebrow Brush and Spoolie Brush-Used to groom, shape, and apply powder to your eyebrows. Use the spoolie brush to brush your eyebrows up, then use the eyebrow brush to apply powder, fill in any bare spots, and shape to frame your face.

Contour Brush-I use this brush to apply blush instead of the traditional fluffy blush brushes. A contour brush contours to the planes and angle's of your face (hence the name) and will place the blush precisely where you want it. This brush is a little denser due to its flat top so it provides a little more concentrated color than the traditional fluffy blush brush, so be careful not to apply too much!

Fan Brush-This is the brush I use the least but I still love it! This brush is great if you want a very light dusting of color on your cheeks, highlighter on your cheekbones or even to correct mistakes! Lets say you applied too much blush-just take your fan brush, dip it in loose powder and gently blend the edges of the blush so it does not appear so harsh.

Kabuki Brush-This brush comes in a big version and a mini version. Kabuki brushes are usually used to apply powder foundation, however I used my large Kabuki to buff my foundation onto my skin-I posted a video on how to do this a few months back-and I also use the large Kabuki to to blend all of my makeup together and create a polished finish. You can purchase the mini Kabuki at
**Kabuki is a form of traditional Japanese theater which is known for the elaborate makeup worn by it's performers!**

These are just some of the hundreds of different types of makeup brushes out there. There are many different places you can purchase brushes. Little Goddess Cosmetics right now only sells the Fineliner Brush and the Mini Kabuki Brush. MAC and Trish McEvoy are known for their brushes but if you are not looking to spend a fortune-brushes can get expensive-I find Sephora's makeup brushes to be reasonably priced and of good quality. You can also find affordable brushes at Target-check out Sonia Kashuk's line.

You should keep your brushes clean as they perform best when they are cleaned and well maintained. Brushes that you apply powder products with you can clean every few weeks, however brushes that you apply a wet product to, such as foundation or cream liner, you should clean daily. Wetness breeds bacteria, and you don't want bacteria on your brushes. I keep my brushes clean by washing them with Dial Anti-Bacterial Soap. Some people like using baby shampoo, while others loosen up the product on the brushes with a little oil before they wash them. My choice of oil would be of the olive variety.

Now as much as there are "rules" in makeup application, there are really no rules! If you feel the best way to apply your eyeshadow is with a big fluffy blush brush, then so be it and if you feel that using a large angle brush is the best way to contour your cheek bones, then who am I to stop you? There are no makeup police in Glamorville! I do believe that as with any art form, you need the proper tools to create a professional look and I do feel that using certain brushes helps to attain that polished look, however, keep in mind that you already possess the most important tools that you'll need-your hands! So if you want to use your hands to wield a powerful brush or apply your whole face with just your fingers-I won't be mad at you. Now you can go forth with all the information you will need to make that decision! Happy Creating!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Anti Aging Ingredients and How They Help Your Skin

         Hello All! Today I want to talk about three important ingredients in anti-aging skin care and why you should be using one or all of them!
         First, let me introduce you to Alpha Hydroxy and Beta Hydroxy Acids better known as AHA's and BHA's.
         In order for your skin to look young and fresh and have a healthy glow about it, it needs to shed the dead skin cells away to reveal the new skin underneath. As you age, it takes longer for your skin to shed the older cells and that's why as you age your skin can sometimes take on a "dull" appearance. That's where our friends the hyroxy acids come in-they are both exfoliants and I will explain their benefits and differences.
        AHA, or Alpha Hydroxy Acids are most commonly derived from food products such as glycolic acid (from sugar cane) and lactic acid (from milk). AHA, when applied to the skin, gently exfoliates the top layer of dead skin to reveal the newer skin underneath. AHA does not exfoliate the inside of your pores, just the top layer of skin. Continued use of AHA's will smooth out your skin's texture, soften fine lines and produce collagen in the skin. Collagen is what gives skin it's youthfulness and our body stops producing it as we age. (Please note that topically applying products that contain collagen, such as a moisturizer, cannot  rebuild the collagen in your skin.)
        You can purchase a product containing AHA's from the drug store from such lines as Alpha Hydrox, online from, or also from your dermatologist office. AHA's are usually sold in 8-10% strengths, however you can also make an appointment with your dermatologist for a chemical peel which is a Glycolic Acid peel in a much stronger concentration. You can also give yourself a yogurt mask! Take whole milk, full fat yogurt, slather it on your face and leave for 30 minutes. The lactic acid in the yogurt will gently exfoliate, brighten, and tone your skin.
        BHA's or Beta Hydroxy Acids are also an exfoliant, however, unlike its AHA sister, BHA's exfoliate the inside of the pores as well as the top layer of skin. BHA's are gentle and perfect for someone who is prone to breakouts or oily skin. The BHA's exfoliate the inside of the pore to clean out the oil and sebum which then makes the skin clear and the pores appear smaller. BHA's are salicylic acid which is basically aspirin. I personally like Paula's Choice BHA 2% Gel, however, since BHA's are aspirin, here is something you can do at home: Take 2 or 3 non-coated aspirin, such as Bayer 325mg. Place in a small plate and add a couple drops of water to create a paste. You can either spot treat pimples or apply to the entire face. Wait 30 minutes and rinse. Some people add honey to the aspirin so it stays on the face better-I don't like the sticky honey on my face so I just use the water. I f you decide to use just the water, you really need to sit back and relax because after the paste dries it becomes a bit flaky and will rub off easily if you touch it. So apply and then sit back and watch an episode of Real Housewives of Whatever. Rinse after 30 minutes.
        Lastly, I would like to discuss retinol. Retinol is the natural form of Vitamin A and retinol aids in the resurfacing of the skin. Where BHA's and AHA's exfoliate the skin, retinol is used to help generate the renewal of skin cells from deep under the skin. Using a product with retinol in it is where you will probably see the most change as it penetrates deep into the skin and wrinkles are gradually smoothed, moisture and elasticity increase, the complexion glows and damage is diminished. Retinol has also been shown to stimulate new collagen production. More and more products are starting to include retinol in their ingredients. The strongest and most efficient form of retinol will come from your dermatologist office. The most well know forms of retinol are Renova and Retin-A. They are the synthetic form of Vitamin A and prescription only.
        Now, I cannot write about anti-aging without stressing that the single most important anti-aging step you can take for your skin is to apply sunscreen-protect your skin every single day. Repeated exposure to the sun is a MAJOR cause of your skin aging and wrinkling. The sun will also break down collagen and elastin. The first defense is a broad spectrum sunscreen. Some of these products will make your skin a little photosensitive so it is important to use a good sunscreen. Have I mentioned that you should use a sunscreen? Please read my post on the importance of sun protection and which one is best for you.
        I think you need a few different products to help your skin stay youthful, there is not one miracle cream or ingredient that is going to do it all. You can use all of these ingredients together, however I would not apply them at the same time, for example you can use one in the morning and one at night but you shouldn't use both in the morning. Also, I wouldn't use the AHA/BHA's more than twice a week-over exfoliating is not good either!
        Ultimately, you will figure out what routine works best for your skin. It may take some trial and error, but products that contain these ingredients are a great first step!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

$500 Saturday

         Hello All! I know this is a beauty blog but I have always stated right from the beginning that sometimes this blog may be about my other passion in life-FOOD!! and what better place to go looking for good food than to a place owned by Mario Batalli and the Bastianich family? For those of you not aware, Lidia and Joe Bastanich along with famed chef Mario Batalli have recently opened up the gastric playground known as Eataly, located at 5th and 23rd in NYC. Eataly is a 50000 sq ft culinary experience and a bit overwhelming when you first walk in-I was actually dizzy for the first 30 minutes. My loving (and generous which we will get into later) boyfriend and I decided to spend our Saturday afternoon there. We went with a plan and decided to first scope the place out and then shop-we even came equipped with a cooler. We took note of where the cheese shop was located, with delicious cheeses that we had never heard of, then the butcher and the fresh pasta counter where they make all the pasta's right in front of you. They also have a produce section with some of the most beautiful produce I had ever seen, and the walls are lined with every imported Italian seasoning, canned tomato, dried pasta, anything you can possibly think of.
        Then I noticed something, something so wonderful I think every food palace should adopt this rule-people were walking around food shopping with glasses of wine! Wine people! Alcohol! Do you know what happens when people shop whilst drunk? They spend money! How ingenious an idea is that? Stop and Shop should offer shots of Tequila as you walk through the door and I'm sure their sales will increase by at least 40%!
         So after we scoped out our food booty, we decided to snack a little. Sprinkled throughout this mega food asylum are food stations, mini restaurants where you can eat a meal or just have some pickins. They have a spot to eat pasta and pizza, a spot to eat fish, veggies, a rotisserie section , a gelato section and a dessert section. We decided on the section for pickins as that seemed to be where the alcohol was being served. So how this section works is you can either A.) stand around and wait for a spot to become available to sit down and eat, or B.) claim one of the marble bars that you can stand and eat at. We opted for B because A was taking too long. The snacking menu offers a variety of cheeses and meats, also a selection of shellfish, Italian sushi, crostini, and olives. We decided on a salmon fish roe caviar selection, which was the special of the day, and a tasting platter of different cured Italian meats and cheeses including Ricotta, Fontina, Gargonzola, Pecorino Romano and Taleggio. Accompanying our food choices were a dry white wine for me and an Italian beer brewed by monks for Lovey. My very generous Darling wanted nothing to do with the Salmon fish roe crostini. The fish roe was bigger than expected and quite salty in a good way. It was served with an arugula salad and was good but I would not order it again. We were standing next to 2 women visiting from Germany who seemed to be very judgemental of my caviar choice. One of them announced she would never put caviar on crostini-only veggies or cheese. Then she announced she would never eat caviar! Did I mention that you share these standing only marble tables?  Our next course-the meat sampler was delish but nothing you couldn't get at a good Italian salumeria. The accoutrements, however, were spectacular! Candied orange peel, honey harvested directly from the nectar of the Gods and figs spiced with hot pepper flakes. Our German tablemate upon seeing our meat platter proclaimed "Finally! Some real Italian food!" as if she were having trouble finding some in the middle of the Italian Emporium she was at.          
         After 2 glasses of wine for me, 3 beers for Honeybuns and a lunch bill totaling a whopping $100, we decided to do some dangerous drunk shopping. Our first stop was the pasta counter-I really could have ordered everything they had to offer. Me and Honey do make our own pastas so we decided to purchase pasta's that we wouldn't normally make for ourselves. I chose an agnolletti pasta stuffed with 5 different types of cheese and Darling chose an agnolletti stuffed with pork, veal and cheese. Agnolletti is a pasta resembling a tini tiny pouch stuffed with tasty goodness. Also at the pasta counter were delicious truffles-black, and the very expensive white. Truffles are a kind of mushroom that grow underground. They are fragrant and quite delicious and lend a very distinctive flavor to pasta, potato, or veggie dishes. Truffles are small-smaller than a golf ball-about the size of a shallot-so one white truffle the size of a shallot cost $109. Yep that's right-$109 so of course we bought one of each! Hey, we were drunk-I told you this was a brilliant marketing idea. Oh and they last about a week-so for the next week anything that comes within 6 inches of my hand will be sprinkled with truffle shavings-pasta, potatoes, cereal, yogurt, iced tea, the air I breathe-whatever, it is going to taste like a white truffle. For the record, the black truffle cost about $11 and they forgot to charge us so it evened it out, no?
          Next stop-my favorite counter-the butcher. 2 porterhouse steak for almost as much as the truffles, then the cheese counter for a delish Burrata cheese which is basically mozzarella with ricotta in the center so when you cut into it a yummy sweet cheese oozes out. We rounded it out with some marinated olives that I loved but Sweetie Pie did not, a maple yogurt smoothie, and the beer brewed by the monks. All of this shopping while walking around with a glass of wine in my happy hand!
          This place is basically insane! You have to be drunk to spend your hard earned money on these delicacies but I have to say-we had sssooo much fun! And as Sweetie said to me when I tried to talk him out of the gold truffle, "when else are we ever going to do this?"  So even though it was an expensive day (for Honey), it was a priceless day for us!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Mommy!!

She was 18 years old the first time I met her. Beautiful, blond and youthful, and from day 1 she has ALWAYS had my back. This blog is not only about cosmetics and skin care, it is about all things beautiful and there is nothing and no one more beautiful than my mother Lucille. She sacrificed her young life (and a scholarship to Parsons) to raise a baby, all while she was still a baby herself and I thank her for that. Today that 18 year old is 59 years young and she is still beautiful, blond and youthful. She grew up to be a loving wife, a spectacular cook, an artist, a creative force to be reckoned with! and of course the best Mom anyone could ever ask for. Happy Birthday Mommy! I hope your day is full of LOVE, and I can't wait until next years celebration!!(We will be in Italy!!)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Monday's Product of the Week!

Little Goddess HD Mascara

Please let me introduce you to the best mascara in the world! For me, a great mascara is all about the brush - the smaller, the better. Big fat brushes don't always equal big fat lashes.

Little Goddess HD Mascara defines, separates, and lengthens lashes without smudging or flaking. The smaller brush allows easy access to the inner and outer corners of the eyes and also allows for easy application to the lower lashes. 

Available in Carbon Black and Espresso Brown at!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Little Goddess Rock n Roll Smokey Eye

Hello All! I spoke about the smokey eyed look briefly in a previous post. The smokey eye is probably the most searched makeup look on You Tube, and probably the look I am asked about the most. It is definately a very sexy look. In this tutorial I used blacks, greys, and silver. There are so many different ways to do a smokey eye-you can create the look with just 2 shadow colors and a pencil. The products I used  for this tutorial are:
  • Creme liner in Absolute Black
  • Carbonized Dimensional Eye Shadow
  • Ink Mineral Eye Shadow
  • Opal Mineral Eye Shadow
  • Platinum Mineral Eye Shadow
  • Neo Plum Mineral Eye Shadow
  • HD Mascara in Carbon Black
  • Nude Lip Liner
  • Super Gloss in Super Nectar
I hope you love it!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Monday's Product of the Week!

Little Goddess Creative Color Palette

Everybody loves a smokey eye. The smokey eye is sexy. It can be dramatic and intense, it can also be subtle. There are about a gazillion different ways to create a smokey eyed look, remember, the term "smokey eye" refers to a technique of smoking the eye out, which consist of blending, blending, and some more blending. You do not want to see where one color ends and the other colors begin. A smokey eye can be created using pretty much any colors, although traditionally, it is created using black and grey colors. I personally love a smokey eye using browns and purples. For me the most successful smokey eye requires 3 different shadows to create the look. A dark color at the lash line and on the lid, a medium toned color in the crease, and the lightest color right below the brow bone. What better way to create the perfect smokey eye than by purchasing the Little Goddess Creative Color Palette! It's easy-just choose three Little Goddess eye shadow colors that are best for you and whatever look you want to create, it will be packaged and sent to you in a sleek black compact with a mirror and a double ended eyeshadow brush!

Available at

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hello All! This week I did a tutorial for simple eye makeup! You don't need 50 different colors on your eyes to define them-I only used 2 eye shadows on the lid in this tutorial. I hope you enjoy it-please comment, rate, subscribe! Also, please request whatever looks you may want to see. Thank you!

Products used:
  • Sandstone Mineral Eyeshadow
  • Cashmere Mineral Matte Eyeshadow
  • Brazilian Nut Mineral Matte Eyeshadow
  • Nova Mineral Eyeshadow
  • Absolute Black Eye Liner
  • Brow Shaper Kit in Light
  • HD Mascara in Carbon Black
  • Mineral Bronzer in Congo
  • Mineral Matte Blush in Hush Pink
  • Nude Lipliner
  • Celeb Liptoxyl

Something I learned the other day, when picking citrus fruits such as oranges or grapefruit, choose the heaviest fruits in the bunch as they are filled with juice and have not dried out yet!

I was just watching American Idol, my DVR keeps cutting off the last 2 minutes so I still don't know who was voted off, however I just have to comment on Ellen's eyes-her eye color is absolutely mesmerizing, so bright and so clear, just gorgeous!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Monday's Product of the Week!

Little Goddess Mineral Illuminator

Look at that youthful twinkle in your eyes! Create sparkle anywhere you want! Create beautiful highlights on the tops of the cheekbones, on the inner corner of your eyes, under the browbone, or down the bridge of your nose! Brighten your face and watch imperfections disappear! An easy and instant way to create a youthful luminosity to the skin is by placing highlights in just the right spots. You'll look absolutely radiant!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday's Product of the Week!

Little Goddess Pore Perfecting Face Primer

Talk about Multi-Tasking! Little Goddess Pore Perfecting Face Primer combats shine in 3 different ways! Immediately, our natural bark extract astringent absorbs oil and reduces pore size. It contains Salicylic Acid which smooths out roughness and keeps foundation looking flawless for hours. It keeps on working to control oil breakthrough even after you take it off! Ideal for normal to oily skin.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Makeup Inspired by Kara DioGuardi

Hello All! This week's tutorial was inspired by Kara DioGuardi's makeup from American Idol. Kara's makeup always looks sexy and glowy to me (two of my favorite looks!). She does a subtle smokey eye that can be worn everday and amped up for nightime! The rest of her face is healthy, glowy, and neutral! I hope you enjoy it! Subscribe, Rate, Comment! Thank you!

Little Goddess Products used in this tutorial:
  • Mineral Matte Eye Shadows in Black Amethyst, Indigo,  and Candy
  • Mineral Eyeshadow in Sandstone
  • Classic Navy Eye Liner
  • Absolute White Eye Liner
  • Mineral Matte Blush in Natural Beauty
  • Champagne Creme Blush
  • Nude Lip Liner
  • Pure Lipshine SPF 15

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Importance of Sun Protection

Hello All! It is that time of the year again. Summertime is fast upon us, so it is my duty to make sure everyone knows the importance of sun protection. The sun makes your skin look dry, dull, uneven, wrinkled, and causes the collegen to break down, which causes skin to sag. Also, you don't even see the damage it causes until years later, which is why it is so important to use broad spectrum sun protection all the time, including wintertime and during daily activities. Besides causing premature aging, you can get skin cancer from the sun-so please protect yourself.
So what is the best protection for you? Well let me explain the difference between sunscreen and sunblock. Sunscreen or chemical sunscreen uses chemical as the active sun protection ingredients. It usually contains oxybenzone or avobenzone (also known as Parsol 1789), which can cause irritation if you have sensitive skin. Chemical sunscreens absorb UV rays before they can cause any damage. Chemical sunscreens need to be applied about 30 minutes before sun exposure as that is how long it takes to "activate" on your skin.
Sunblock or physical sunblock uses minerals such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide as the active sun protection ingredients. Physical sunblock is much more gentle on sensitive skin and they work by forming an opaque film that reflects or scatters UV light before it can penetrate the skin. Physical sunblock sometimes has a whitish cast when applied to the skin (think of the lifeguard's white nose-that's zinc oxide).
I had done a whole post on antioxidants, they have been proven to increase sun protection so make sure you get your daily dosage of antioxidants through your diet or apply it to your skin before you apply your sunscreen, such as with the green tea toner, or a Vitamin C serum (I am going to do a post on how to make your own).
Yes it is true, almost everyone looks better with a tan, but there are much healthier ways of getting that tan than sitting in the sun or a tanning bed such as using a self tanner, going to get a spray tan, or using Little Goddess Mineral Bronzer in Congo! Also keep in mind that when your skin tans, it is actually protecting itself from the rays that are damaging it.

**TIP**When applying bronzer to your face, remember to hit your neck, chest, and even the tops of your hands so everything matches and looks uniform, and your face doesn't look like it's a different color from your body.

Monday's Product of the Week!

Meow! Sexy Kitten! Summertime is right around the corner and it's time to start getting that healthy summer beach glow-the key work being healthy!

Little Goddess Safari Mineral Bronzer in Congo is as healthy as it gets! Instead of worshipping those harmful UVA/UVB rays, all you have to do is take a fluffy brush and swipe some mineral bronzer along your cheeks, nose, forehead-wherever the sun may hit you! Little Goddess Bronzer contains vitamins A, C, and E to protect skin and lock in moisture and because it is a mineral , it has a natural built in sunblock! Made up of 3 different shades of bronze, enjoy the goldeen color without the damage! Available at!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mermaid Eyes Tutorial

Hello All! Today's tutorial is called Mermaid Eyes because the colors I used remind me of the colors found in the tail fin of a mermaid. I used green, gold, and blue! It's a fun look! 

Little Goddess Used:
  • Gold Minx Mineral Eye Shadow
  • Jade Mineral Eye Shadow
  • Indigo Mineral Matte Eye Shadow
  • Classic Navy Eyeliner
  • HD Mascara in Carbon Black
  • Brow Shaper Kit
  • Natural Beauty Mineral Matte Blush
  • Champagne Peach Creme Blush
  • Nude Lipliner
  • Seduction Liquid Lustre
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Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday's Product of the Week!

Got something to hide? Hide it with Little Goddess Pro Palette Correct and Conceal or Pro Palette Concealer!

Little Goddess Pro Palette Correct and Conceal contains 3 different shades for any skin tone so you can hide those late nights out and those unexpected blemishes. 

How do I use all those colors? 

  • Use the Green shade to take the red out
  • Use the Yellow shade to take away those purple under-the-eye circles
  • Use the Lavender Shade if your skin is looking a bit sallow. 
  • Best of all, combine the shades to create your perfect skin match!

Available at!
**TIP** Use a color corrector first to neutralize out the color you want, and then use a concealer over it that matches your skin (or for blemishes, a little darker). To figure out what shades neutralize each other out, look at the color wheel. The opposite color neutralizes that color out, for example, if you look at the color wheel the opposite color of red is green!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tutorial Part 3-Cheeks and Lips

Hello All! This is the last installation of my 3 part tutorial! This tutorial covers cheeks and lips

Little Goddess Products used:

  • Creme Blush in Georgia Peach
  • Creme Blush in Champagne Peach
  • Lip Liner in So Sweet
  • Liquid Lustre in Seduction
All products are available at

I hope you have enjoyed the series and there is plenty more to come! Please remember to Subscribe, Rate, Comment!! Thank you!

P.S. Sorry I did not do Monday's Product of the Week  this week-I was having technical difficulties but will resume this coming Monday!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Some Updates

Hello all! Just giving you an update on the Alba Un Petroleum product I bought from I love it!

It is the same texture as petroleum jelly minus the toxins. It is packaged in a tube instead of a tub which makes it more sanitary as you do not have to stick your fingers in it. I would highly recommend it!

Also wanted to pass along an article Paula Begoun posted on her website about antioxidants. I keep writing about how important they are for your skin and she explains it well. I am having a hard time applying the link so I have just pasted the article here if you want to read it.

3 Reasons Why Antioxidants Are Your Skin's Best Friend!
(As per Paula Begoun)

Research has shown time and again that topically-applied antioxidants have multiple benefits for skin, particularly in the presence of sunlight. What you might not realize was how critical antioxidants are as we age. Here’s some interesting information from a recent article published in the peer-reviewed journal Cosmetic Dermatology:

Skin exposure to UV radiation can completely exhaust the skin’s natural supply of antioxidants. With continued unprotected sun exposure, UV rays can act like a kid in a candy store, indiscriminately “helping themselves” to your skin’s support structure. It’s as though your skin’s soldiers (its natural supply of defenses against oxidative damage) have laid down their arms, allowing the enemy to win the war.

The result? With continued unprotected sun exposure, skin’s oxidative defense system becomes incapable of fully regenerating itself. What’s worse, the little that does get regenerated is consistently weakened and less capable of defending skin from damage.

Topically-applied antioxidants not only prevent damage from reactive oxygen species (or ROS, rouge molecules generated by free radical damage) but they also help prevent the conversion of normally harmless or helpful substances in skin into pro-oxidants.

Imagine that: going without sufficient antioxidant protection and ignoring sun protection means innocent substances in skin begin acting like criminals, looting your skin of what it needs to look youthful and resist damage.

When it comes to the body or the skin there is no single best antioxidant. In fact, shopping for skin-care products centered around one antioxidant (like vitamins C or E) means you won’t be giving your skin its best chance of recovering from the various types of damage caused by oxidation and sunlight.

There are thousands of brilliant antioxidants available. Research has made it abundantly clear that different antioxidants have different strengths and weaknesses. Some antioxidants are all-around free radical scavengers while others work better to regenerate substances in skin that work to defend it from oxidative damage and inflammation.

The bottom line is that taking a cocktail approach to using antioxidant topically is best. Variety is the spice of antioxidants and the more in your skin care products the better!

I am continually fascinated by new research concerning how antioxidants impact our skin and overall health. Learning about how and why they work and how they should be formulated for maximum efficacy is one of the most exciting parts of my job. Best of all is the feedback we get from customers who’ve used our antioxidant-rich serums and moisturizers. The changes they see in their skin are exactly how well-formulated products loaded with antioxidants are supposed to work. Couple this with daily sun protection, a healthy diet, and smart lifestyle choices and you’re well on your way toward keeping skin’s defense systems ready to handle the reality of living in an oxygen-rich world.

Thank you guys and have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tutorial Part 2 - Eyes

Hello All! Here is part 2 of my 3 part tutorial! Part 2 covers eye makeup application. I did a simple, uncomplicated eye because most people who put on makeup everyday don't want to spend 20 minutes on a fussy eye with lots of steps, especially when they are trying to get out the door. 

I hope you like it! Subscribe, Rate, Comment!!!! See you next time!

Little Goddess Products Used:
  • Polychromatic Eyeshadow in Silk Sheets
  • Mineral Eyeshadow in Bronzite 
  • Eyeliner in Classic Navy and Absolute White
  • HD Mascara in Carbon Black
  • Brow Shaper Kit in Medium
*All the products used in this video can be purchased at

Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday's Product of the Week!

Little Goddess Brow Shaper Kit

Eyebrows can create a look all by themselves. How you shape your eyebrows can change the whole look of your face. Think of all the famous eyebrows of our time: Brooke Shields, Audrey Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich, Joan Crawford-now those ladies were making a statement! Make your own statement with Little Goddess Brow Shaper Kit! Available in 2 shades, Little Goddess Brow Shaper Kits contain 2 different powders to fill in and shade your eyebrows and a wax to set them all day long! Little Goddess Brow Shaper Kits also come with a double ended brush for easy application! Available at

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tutorial 1-Foundation Application

Hello All! I have finally published a makeup tutorial for your viewing pleasure! This is the first video in a 3 part series. This tutorial is about foundation and concealer application. This is just one of many ways you can apply your foundation and I am sure you will get to see all of them by watching my video's.

I will be posting video tutorials about once a week, so please request whatever looks you would like to see. Thank you for visiting!

Little Goddess Products Used:
  • RetexturCreme Face Primer 
  • Mineral Sheer Tint in Cameo Glow
  • Pro Palette Concealer
  • Pro Palette Correct and Conceal
  • Translucent Face Powder in Neutral 

*All the products used in this video can be purchased at

Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday's Product of the Week!

Little Goddess Mineral Eyeshadows

Applying eyeshadow is one of the quickest ways to change your look. You can go from a glowy eyed good girl to a smokey eyed sex bomb in the swipe of a brush! Eyeshadow can take you from a daytime look to a nightime look in the blink of an eye, or it can help you emulate one of your idols-think Kim Kardashian!

Little Goddess Mineral Eyeshadows are great for doing all of the above! Our Mineral Eyeshadows contain vitamins A, C, and E to condition lids. They have a little shimmer in them to give you the right amount of glowiness. They are hypoallergenic, oil free, talc free, fragrance free, and great for sensitve eyes. Can be applied wet or dry. Available at!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Petroleum Jelly Controversy

I have a Vaseline addiction... I apply it on my lips approximately 8-10 times a day: I apply it when I get out of the shower, I apply it prior to eating (one of my many quirks-I cannot eat with dry lips), I apply it multiple times during the day, as well as before I go to sleep and I have even applied in the middle of the night!

One night a few summers back, I was sleeping at my boyfriend's house and I had forgotten my Vaseline. So I went to the corner store and bought a no-name petroleum jelly product packaged exactly like my beloved Vaseline; however, when I opened it and applied it to my lips, all I could smell was oil. It smelled like my mechanics garage. I was baffled-why would it smell like that? Had it gone bad?

So what
is petroleum jelly? In a nutshell, petroleum jelly is a mixture of hydrocarbons (hydrogen and carbon) which are semi-solid at room temperature. It is odorless when properly refined. It was originally discovered on oil rigs in Pennsylvania in 1859, and patented in 1872.

So what is the big controversy? The major concern with petroleum jelly is Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs). PAHs are contaminants found in petroleum jelly. PAHs are linked to cancer, as well as other ailments. Refined petroleum jelly is lower in PHAs.

In Europe, petroleum jelly is banned for use in cosmetics unless it is 100% pure, however in the United States there is no requirment for refinement in cosmetic products, which means any amount in any purity is allowed to be used. The same petroleum used in shoe polish can be used in cosmetics!

Petroleum jelly in it's purest form is considered safe but there is no way to know how the petroleum was manufactured. One thing to look for is the words "skin protectant" after the petroleum listing, this is an indication that the petroleum is refined and meets FDA requirments for drug applications.

Basically, you have to make your own decision about petroleum jelly. It is hard to avoid as it is in many, many products. I have just purchased un-petroleum, a jelly made from pure plant oils and all natural waxes. It is free of petroleum, paraffin, mineral oil, artificial fragrances, and parbins. I will do a follow up post to tell you how I like it.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday's Product of the Week:

Little Goddess Creme Blush

If you want to look healthy and awake, the one product you can not skip is blush. Blush can do many things from making your skin look youthful and radiant, to creating definition and shape. There are many blush formulations from powder to tints. My favorite is cream blush. I like cream blush because it melts into your skin and looks natural instead of looking like you have powder sitting on your skin. Little Goddess Creme Blush creates a nice healthy flush like you were just out for a jog. It is buildable, you can have a translucent glow or build it up to an intense color. 

Available in 5 shades: 
Golden Mauve and Champagne Peach contain shimmer. Available at

Monday, February 22, 2010

Mondays Product of the Week

 Little Goddess RetextureCreme Face Primer

One of the most important parts of makeup application is preparing your skin. Skin primers help makeup go on smoothly and last all day, and there is a formulation for every skin type. Little Goddess Retexturecreme Face Primer is a lightweight gel/creme that contains aloe vera and moisture attracting sodium hyaluronate. It is perfect for someone who has dry skin and is looking for that extra shot of moisture! It also has luminizing light reflectors to hide any imperfections and give your skin a radiant glow! Available at

Friday, February 19, 2010

Video Posting

Hello All! Today I just want to give big props to all the YouTube makeup artists and anyone who makes their own tutorials no matter what it may be for, because as I am now learning it is HARD!!

One of the things I really wanted to do when I started this blog was to post makeup video tutorials to teach and inspire, so for the past week I have been videoing every single minute of my makeup application routine, and after approximately 50 hours of footage (haha just kidding!), I have come to the conclusion that:

A)I take way too long applying my makeup
B)Making these videos are hard!

Not only do you have to have a look you want to show the world, you have to be able to speak on video and sound natural and knowledgeable, find the right angle and lighting so you look good, and try to keep the video within a reasonable time frame so you don't have to trim too much off (I am having trouble with this step). You also have to try not to make mistakes so as to keep editing to a minimum, and pray the phone doesn't ring, the battery doesn't die, you haven't forgotten products you will need, your sleepy boyfriend doesn't walk into the frame, etc. Besides all of that pressure over your head, you are doing the first 3 or so minutes completely naked, and when I say naked, I mean not a stitch of makeup on your face-nothing... nada...completely exposed to the whole world! On top of it all, I am now getting a crash course in video editing, something I've never done before.

So once again, to all you video vixens and YouTube cowboys! I raise a glass to you, but watch out because once I learn how to fade in and fade out(and trim at least 30 minutes off my clips), I am throwing my hat into the video ring to give you killer makeup tutorials!