Sunday, May 12, 2013

Almond Cosmetics

One of the good things about not having to write about just one product is I get to write about a bunch o' products!
The first product I wanted to write about was created by fellow makeup artist, Jennifer Membreno. Almond Cosmetics was inspired by the beautiful brides that Jennifer makes camera ready on their most important day. 
"I wanted to create a line that was socially responsible and strive to increase levels of social responsibility in the products as the company grows."
I love supporting women who make it happen and I especially love supporting women who support other women. A portion of each lip gloss purchased is donated to Women for Afghan Women, a non-profit organization that supports the human rights of women and children in Afghanistan and New York.
So, back to the glosses--I love these glosses. I've been wearing Emma for the past few months. Emma is the perfect combo of peachy pinkness with a bit of shimmer. They are highly pigmented, yet very versatile-just changing my lip liner or layering over a lipstick creates a new look. Plus, the texture is perfect! Exactly what a gloss should be-slippery and shiny, never sticky.
 Now there are no almonds in the ingredients so anyone with a nut allergy, do not fear, they are safe for you to wear. 
Almond Cosmetics come in 10 delicious shades.
 They are paraben and cruelty free and have a light butterscotchy scent to them(at least Emma does). 
Visit to purchase these gorgeous glosses and to view Jennifer's beautiful work. If you would like to donate to Women for Afghan Women, contact Jennifer is also the founder of Almond Eyes Makeup Artistry.