Thursday, September 5, 2013

Model Co Cosmetics Party Proof Matte Lipstick Review

I love my Birch Box. 
I know I have praised them before but seriously, anyone who is a makeup fan really should invest. It is so worth it. I am going to start posting the products I receive every month and reviewing whatever goods I get.

Model Co Cosmetics Party Proof Matte Lipstick is the creamiest matte lipstick I have ever worn. Definitely not the matte lipstick of the 90's that made your lips feel like dry wood and stained so badly that you couldn't get the color off for a month (God forbid you passionately kissed someone, there was evidence for days). Also, this is a full sized lipstick that I received! Why do I have 2 lipsticks you ask? Well, my momma is also a Birch Box subscriber. She received Get Naked which is a very neutral, fleshy tone and I received Red Velvet, so we switched. She wears reds and I usually wear nudes, it just made sense. 

One has been used quite a bit!

Anyhoodles, I have been a gloss girl for years and I have not stopped wearing this since I got my hands on it. It feels so luxurious on my lips. It feels really smooth and conditioning, just creamy. When I first put this on, the word that came to mind was suede-soft, rich suede. Get Naked reminds me of Bridgette Bardot-she always had the sexy eyeliner look going on but she always, always wore it with a natural tone matte lip.  

According to the website:

Why you need it:
  • A selection of highly pigmented, bright, bold, long-lasting colours-yes
  • Matte and cream, high-fashion colour finish-yes
  • Non-drying formula-yes
  • Kiss, drink and party proof to last all day and night-eehhh (it is described as ultra long lasting on the website. Although it has staying power, I would disagree with that description. Maybe if you don't eat drink or be merry, otherwise, I feel it last as long as any other lipstick.)
  • Convenient inbuilt mirror for easy application-Mine did not have a mirror attached to it, possibly because it was special for Birch Box. 
They have a nude lip pencil that I am tempted to invest in because paired with the Get Naked lipstick, it would make in my opinion, one amazing, fleshy, pouty, sexy mouth.

Red Velvet   Get Naked

So I give it my Little Goddess stamp of approval-2 Goddess thumbs up!

This retails for $16.95 USD. 

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Small Rant Courtesy of Moi

There is a phrase used in the world of makeup artist that I am on a one woman campaign to get rid of! 

When a makeup artist is going to apply someone's makeup, he/she may say "I'm gonna beat that face." I tried to find the origin of this gem (I suspect a drag queen had something to do with it) but this is all I came up with according to Urban Dictionary:

Beat Your Face
When a Make Up Artist Goes to Work on Someone's Face. Making them go From Plain Jane to Diva

Basically, the term make-up artist uses to say I'm going to put make-up on your face.

Client: My face needs some make-up

MUA: Let me Beat your face

So yeah, beating someone's face, a term that conjures up images of hate and violence is used to describe making someone feel beautiful, something that I find so generous and giving. I once had someone tell me I made her feel like a princess, why would I want to describe giving that feeling to someone as beating her face? I don't want to beat anyone's face, quite the opposite, I want to treat it kindly and gently.
Now I know that it's a very tongue in cheek term and meant in a very joking way, so please don't complain to me that I don't get it. I get it, I just don't like it and you won't catch this girl using that term ever!

Now who's with me? 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Coralista Benefit Blush Review

Hiiii there!
I am on a cheek kick lately! If there is anything makeup-wise that my eye is drawn to, it is cheek colors and blush palettes. They just look like candy and I want to taste them all! Cream or powder, it doesn't matter-I can just envision all those beautiful colors making my skin look healthy, flushed and radiant! 

Click here for Coralista

My newest favorite blush of the moment is Coralista from Benefit. Now I've always loved Benefit's blushes, I have used Dandelion for years. For those of you not familiar with Dandelion, it is a semi-matte baby pink powder blush that just gives you the perfect baby doll flush on your cheeks. 

I picked up Coralista during my recent trip to Ulta and decided to try it after seeing it described in a few online articles as being a staple in some makeup artist kits, plus I am draw to anything coral-y as I find it compliments my skin. So as the name suggest, Coralista is a coral toned powder blush, with a generous dose of sheen to it.

I love this blush! 

This blush is super complimentary, for many different skin tones! This can be a sheer wash of color or built up to be more intense. It does produce that sexy glow so I wouldn't apply too heavily during the day for fear of looking too shiny. Also, I would apply this over a matte base, otherwise you may come off as oily. I wear this alone during the day to get that healthy, glowy, flushed look. At night, I pair it with my Physicians Formula Bronzer/contour-I tend to skip highlighter with this. 

Another product that comes with a useless brush, which there is no photo of as I've tossed it in a drawer.

So definitely give this a go if you love sexy, healthy, natural, glowy coral! It won't disappoint! 

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These products were bought with my own hard earned cash. 
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