Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tropical Tutorial with Whirlwind Baked Shadow!

When I look at our gorgeous Whirlwind Baked Shadow, it reminds me of what it looks like when you fly over a Caribbean ocean or a tropical island. The Whirlwind palette has the bronze colors of the beach and the blue colors of the ocean! So I decided to do a very long overdue tutorial using the beautiful tropical colors of our baked shadows!

And then after I was done filming the tutorial, I noticed that they used very similar colors on the cover of Makeup Artist magazine! It is a very involved, vibrant, Avante Garde look that the everyday woman may not want to go to the supermarket in, so this is the perfect example of how to take an extreme look and tone it down so you can use it in everyday life. From the runway to the real world!

The colors I used in this tutorial are:

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Crash Course in Makeup Application-My 100th Post!

One of my favorite, relaxing times of the day is when I am applying my makeup. It is usually quiet and provides me a few minutes to relax and think. I never understood how women can apply their makeup while on the bus or the train. Never mind that it is a moving vehicle, it is a bit personal to have strangers around you while you are "applying your face". Something I can never wrap my head around is when I see a woman applying their makeup while driving in their car. Usually mascara. Really? You can't take an extra 10 minutes to do this in the privacy of your own home? Do you really feel it is safe to a.) operate a 2000 pound piece of machinery while focusing on your eyes/lips and not on the road? and b.) aim for your eye with a sharp pencil or mascara wand while in a moving vehicle?! Don't even get me started on men who shave while in the car!
Today I had read that a recent study by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute found touching up your lipstick (or any other makeup) can increase a driver's crash risk by three times whereas talking on the phone upped the risk by just 1.3 times.
Something to think about! You always hear about texting and driving but how many campaigns have there been about makeup and driving?
 None until now!
Those crafty Germans at Volkswagen have tapped into the YouTube Makeup Guru trend and enlisted popular YouTuber, Nikkie (who I am now subscribed to), to help make a very powerful statement. Watch the video below, it is only a little over a minute long and tell me what you think.

Stay off of your phones, do not text, do not apply makeup, do not try to eat a sandwich or drink anything while driving a car!
Stay safe!

Happy 100th post to me!