Monday, May 2, 2011

Correct and Conceal

Little Goddess Pro Palette Correct and Conceal
Hello My Beauties!!

Today's tutorial is on how to use color correctors. Color correctors are those pastel colors that most people have absolutely no idea how to use! I am here to explain color correctors and to show you how you can use them to help correct dark under eye circles.

The theory behind color correctors is if you look at a color wheel, colors that are opposite each other will neutralize each other out. For example, green and red are opposite each other on the color wheel, so green and red will neutralize each other out. Keep in mind that skin is multi-tonal, maybe the darkness under your eyes is a bluish purple instead of a reddish purple, so it may take a few tries to see what will work best for you.

Little Goddess Pro Palette Correct and Conceal color palette comes with 3 different corrector shades:

Green-To neutralize red tones.

Yellow-To neutralize blue and purple tones.

Lavender-To brighten sallow skin.

Color correctors do not mimic the color of skin like a concealer does. The sole purpose of a corrector is to correct and even out discolorations (although I do use the lavender color to create a beautiful highlight on the cheekbone right under the eye area).

Color correctors should be worn under something such as foundation or concealer, as opposed to wearing it by itself and they are not necessary unless you have a very noticeable discoloration, such as rosacea or very dark circles, that a concealer or foundation cannot even out on it's own.

So here are some basic steps to follow:

1. Prep and prime skin as you normally would.

2. Apply corrector to affected area, such as dark under eye area or red cheek area, etc.

3. Apply foundation over area where corrector was applied.

4. Apply concealer if needed. This step is optional.

5. Lightly powder to set makeup.  

Little Goddess products used in this video:

Happy Correcting!!