Friday, August 12, 2011

Westwood vs Middleton!

This past week, Vivienne Westwood took a jab at Kate Middleton stating Miss Kate's fashion style is that of an "ordinary women". Besides criticizing her fashion sense, the 70 year old London based fashion designer said that the Duchess of Cambridge has a problem with eye makeup!

The story goes that for her official engagement photos, Kate was so unhappy with the job the makeup artist did on her, she went in the bathroom, washed it off and proceeded to do her own makeup for the photo shoot. She felt so confident in her makeup application skills that after a few lessons with makeup artist Arabella Preston, she decided to do her own makeup on the day of her wedding. I don't know about you but that definitely was a very brave move being her wedding was going to be seen by 2 billion people around the world! That might just be the exact reason people love her so, she does come off as an ordinary woman and not in a bad way-

Now we all know how I feel about eyeliner, however I do agree that it can make you look hard or even older if not applied properly. 

"The sharp line around her eyes makes her look hard. Either she should be smudgy or wear none."
Miss Westwood does know a thing or two about eyeliner with all of the punk rock bands she hung out with in the 70's! Now that is a look to cover! Boys wearing eyeliner-definitely not my favorite!

Look at these Vivienne Westwood beauties!!

Rumor has it Miss Kate likes to watch the YouTube Makeup Gurus! She must not be watching me because she would know to smudge those harsh lines! What Kate should do is ditch the eyeliner on the lower lash line and instead opt for a smoky shadow like
 Little Goddess Black Amethyst Mineral Eyeshadow so she can still get the dark definition she likes without it being so harsh looking.

What do you think? Is Kate's makeup too harsh and heavy handed? Should a women of her social status hire a professional makeup artist or should everyone just leave her alone?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Best Mascara in the World! Part 2!

Hello lovelies!

Look at this little wand!

About a year ago, I posted a video showing the BEST MASCARA IN THE WORLD! However, in the video I felt you couldn't really see all of it's fabulousness! So I recently re shot the video and really zoomed in close so you can see that little magic wand in action!

Little Goddess HD Mascara is the BEST MASCARA IN THE WORLD because the brush is tiny so it lengthens and defines each lash!

HD Mascara comes in 2 shades:
Carbon Black
**I was using Espresso in the video**
Available at:
Enjoy the video!

Monday, August 8, 2011

All About Me!

Over the weekend, someone asked me how Little Goddess Cosmetics came to be and I realized that many of you may not know my story. So here it is......

Once upon a time many, many, (many) years ago, my love of makeup led me to Elizabeth Arden. However, at my very young and very uninformed age, I decided that makeup was not going to allow me the financially rich life that I wanted. So off I went to start my very non lucrative career on Wall St.

The financial industry had been, at the time, the family business. My mother, Lucille, had worked on the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange for many years and had a pretty successful career. I felt the NYSE would provide the stable, rewarding career I had wanted. So there I stayed for 15 years. Although my Wall St career was stable, it was definitely not rewarding.

What price did Nokia close at yesterday? Who cares! Did you see the new lip gloss MAC just released?! Can you please tell me if there are any buyers in BP? Sure! and then let me tell you in extreme detail about the eyeshadow quad I just bought from Chanel! Read the financial times? Blech-I would've rather been reading Allure!

**Those were not actually responses-just what I was thinking in my head!**

In 2007, I was laid off from my Wall St job. Although I loved my time on Wall St-I made many friends, learned a lot and was able to be a part of something that was so big and very exciting, I decided I would never again do something that I didn't absolutely love and Little Goddess Cosmetics was born!

**The name Little Goddess is one of honeybun's many nicknames for me!**

So in a nutshell, I am a makeup loving, beauty addicted, platform wearing, hair dying, foodie chef in my head, music loving, eyeliner baby!

My message to you all is to follow your passion-no matter when in life it may strike you! Don't be afraid to fail! Most successful people do fail at one point or another but that is because they take the risk!!
Follow your path!
Good Luck!

**an eyeliner baby is someone who is born to wear eyeliner!**