Monday, March 28, 2011

Ban the Bun!

Hello All!!

I just wanted to share something that I learned the other day while getting my hair cut that some of you long haired gal's (and guy's) may find useful.

While sitting in my hair guy's chair after he cut my hair and finished blow drying, he said to me "you know-you have to be careful", so I said "careful about what?". As he is running his fingers through my hair and looking at me with some concern, he asked me "what are you doing right here?" while firmly palming my crown-ahem, let me clarify-not the crown I wear while at home in my kingdom, the actual crown of my skull. I replied "nothing-I don't do anything there"

Him: You don't put clips right here? (hand planted firmly on crown)
Me: No! I don't clip my hair!
Him: Well you're doing something right here.

Then it dawned on me-my beloved bun!! or as sweetie pie calls it-my pom pom!
I love my long hair but I really love my long hair when it is sitting in a tight bun on top of my little head! For the past 100 years, the first thing I do when I walk in my door is put my hair up in a bun perched right on top of my head! Very conveniently out of my face and out of my way! I have also noticed for the past 100 years is that after I blow dry my hair there are always these little baby fuzzy hairs sticking straight up like a little highlighted porcupine but I just chalked it up to my blow drying skills not being up to par. I have also begun noticing these little broken hairs at the front of my hairline and was wondering where the f**k are they coming from?! Well I know now-my beloved bun!!
So I asked could my bun be causing all this damage? "Yes!" he said, "that is it!" and then banned me from my bun loving ways!
So rather than risk going bald on top of my head and resembling a bald monk that has been tonsured, I've had to reprogram myself. I am allowed to wear a loose bun at the nape of my neck-fun stuff.
So for all you ladies (or men) that are noticing broken hairs, thinning hair or have a bun addiction-Please be careful because you may be abusing your hair and not even realize it!
Even though bald is beautiful, full healthy hair is spectacular! 

Ban the Bun!