Friday, November 19, 2010

Brushes B*tch*s

        Every artist needs their tools. Just as Michelangelo had his favorite sculpting tools, and Picasso and daVinci had their brushes, makeup artist also have their tools they use to create their beautiful masterpiece's.
        A makeup artist brush holds a lot of power and can create magic, however, most people do not have all these tools or even know what to do with them, so I am here to help! I have gathered a few of my favorite brushes and will explain the functions of each and how they help to create the looks you love.
First, the Foundation Brush-When I first saw someone apply foundation with a brush, I thought "how bizarre" because I had only known foundation to be applied with a sponge. Applying foundation with a brush provides a much more even application without streaks like you sometimes get when you apply foundation with a sponge. Just dot the foundation on your forehead, nose, and chin, then blend outward. Don't forget to blend into your neck. Another pro of using a foundation brush as opposed to a sponge is you don't waste any of the product so a little goes a long way and you are using less product. With a sponge, most of the product gets sucked up into the sponge. You can also use a foundation brush to apply cream blush to the face.

                                     Next, the Concealer Brush-The concealer brush is like a mini foundation brush. Both usually have synthetic bristles, and the concealer brush is used to place concealer on the face and also makes it easier to apply to the inner corners of the eye and right under the lash line where you sometimes get some redness. I like to place the concealer on with a brush and then tap it in with my finger-the warmth of your finger helps the makeup blend easier. You know I like my makeup warmed up when I apply it!

Fluffy Contour Brush-This is my most valued brush for doing eye makeup because I can create a whole look using just this brush. This is a great brush for contouring the crease of your lid and also for blending and creating the sexy smoked out look. I also keep one of these clean, with no shadow on it, so I can blend any harsh lines without adding any color. The key to a professional look is blending.


Small Flat Shadow Brush-This brush helps to apply concentrated amounts of shadow in very precise areas, such as the outer V area of your eye or on the rounded part of your lid. 

Angle Brush-This brush comes in a small size and a larger size. The mini angle brush I use primarily to line my eyes and can also be used to set pencil or cream liner with eyeshadow. The larger angle brush is another brush that can be used to create that sexy cat eye V shape at the outer corner of your eye. It helps to extend the shadow out and elongate your eyes.

Smudge Brush-There are a few different shaped smudge brushes. Smudge brushes are used to smudge and blend eyeliner. Whenever you apply any eyeliner, either pencil or cream, it should be smudged a little so you do not have a super harsh line. A line that is smudged a little is much more sexy and youthful than an aging harsh line.

               Fine Line Eyeliner Brush-This brush is used with creme eyeliner, such as Little Goddess Absolute Creamliner, to create a super fine line and a super sexy pin-up cat eye. This Fine Line brush can be purchased at

Eyebrow Brush and Spoolie Brush-Used to groom, shape, and apply powder to your eyebrows. Use the spoolie brush to brush your eyebrows up, then use the eyebrow brush to apply powder, fill in any bare spots, and shape to frame your face.

Contour Brush-I use this brush to apply blush instead of the traditional fluffy blush brushes. A contour brush contours to the planes and angle's of your face (hence the name) and will place the blush precisely where you want it. This brush is a little denser due to its flat top so it provides a little more concentrated color than the traditional fluffy blush brush, so be careful not to apply too much!

Fan Brush-This is the brush I use the least but I still love it! This brush is great if you want a very light dusting of color on your cheeks, highlighter on your cheekbones or even to correct mistakes! Lets say you applied too much blush-just take your fan brush, dip it in loose powder and gently blend the edges of the blush so it does not appear so harsh.

Kabuki Brush-This brush comes in a big version and a mini version. Kabuki brushes are usually used to apply powder foundation, however I used my large Kabuki to buff my foundation onto my skin-I posted a video on how to do this a few months back-and I also use the large Kabuki to to blend all of my makeup together and create a polished finish. You can purchase the mini Kabuki at
**Kabuki is a form of traditional Japanese theater which is known for the elaborate makeup worn by it's performers!**

These are just some of the hundreds of different types of makeup brushes out there. There are many different places you can purchase brushes. Little Goddess Cosmetics right now only sells the Fineliner Brush and the Mini Kabuki Brush. MAC and Trish McEvoy are known for their brushes but if you are not looking to spend a fortune-brushes can get expensive-I find Sephora's makeup brushes to be reasonably priced and of good quality. You can also find affordable brushes at Target-check out Sonia Kashuk's line.

You should keep your brushes clean as they perform best when they are cleaned and well maintained. Brushes that you apply powder products with you can clean every few weeks, however brushes that you apply a wet product to, such as foundation or cream liner, you should clean daily. Wetness breeds bacteria, and you don't want bacteria on your brushes. I keep my brushes clean by washing them with Dial Anti-Bacterial Soap. Some people like using baby shampoo, while others loosen up the product on the brushes with a little oil before they wash them. My choice of oil would be of the olive variety.

Now as much as there are "rules" in makeup application, there are really no rules! If you feel the best way to apply your eyeshadow is with a big fluffy blush brush, then so be it and if you feel that using a large angle brush is the best way to contour your cheek bones, then who am I to stop you? There are no makeup police in Glamorville! I do believe that as with any art form, you need the proper tools to create a professional look and I do feel that using certain brushes helps to attain that polished look, however, keep in mind that you already possess the most important tools that you'll need-your hands! So if you want to use your hands to wield a powerful brush or apply your whole face with just your fingers-I won't be mad at you. Now you can go forth with all the information you will need to make that decision! Happy Creating!!