Tuesday, April 17, 2012

IMATS Beauty Booty!

Yesterday I told you all about IMATS, now lets get to the good stuff!

One of the great things about going to these trade shows is most of the products are on sale at discounted prices, sometimes as much as 60-70% off! So it really is a great opportunity to stock up on what you need and to try what you want!

Let me show you what beauty booty I bought!

First, my biggest score is this fabulous set bag from Naime's! The company that makes this bag is called On-D-Go and it was a steal. First, it is HUGE! Second, I have seen these clear set bags at other stores and this size will run you about $120! Not this bag! This bag was a very reasonable $25!!! The gentleman at the Naime's booth said their sale prices and their store prices were the same, so if you are interested in purchasing quality bags and makeup cases for a very reasonable price, you should definitely give Naime's a try. (I have not checked their website, so don't come yelling at me if the prices are not the same!)

Second, these look so luxurious, I am almost delirious about them and cannot wait to wear them! Beautiful Mink eyelashes from Velour Lashes! They are 100% Mink and can be used up to 25 times! They looked gorgeous on the little ladies that sold them to me and the packaging is adorable! There is even a warning that wearing them may cause serious side effects such as increased flirtiness, extreme sexiness, and irresistible eyes. And I seriously believe it!

Next is this very versatile foundation palette from RCMA, which I purchased from the Alcone counter. I have never used RCMA foundations (this was recommended to me by my friend, Ro Puchal, a very talented makeup artist who you will be reading about in a later post!) but I am really excited to try them!
I picked up some Beauty So Clean while I was at the Alcone counter to make sure everything stays sanitized! Everyone should pick up some of this product sanitizer, I spray it on everything!

Also from Alcone, my adorable Z Palettes! This cute Zebra one that is now housing all of my (most of my) Little Goddess eyeshadows and a snazzy little leopard print one as well!
 I love my animal prints!

Lastly, I bought a crease/blending brush from a company called bdellium tools. The girl at the check in counter recommended them and this one is fast becoming a favorite! Again, a steal at $6.00! NYX had a fabulously colorful counter with every product and color imaginable and they were nice enough to give away these little pigments at the door. Thanks NYX! Is it just me or does it seem that this company has exploded overnight? 

So that was my day! If this sounds like fun to you, make sure to purchase your tickets for next year! If you can't wait until then, The Makeup Show will be heading our way in May and a lot of the vendors from IMATS will probably have booths there!
So what are you waiting for?!
 I will see you there!

Monday, April 16, 2012


 This past weekend was the IMATS show in NYC and for those of you who are not familiar with IMATS(International Makeup Artist Trade Show), it is one of the biggest makeup shows in the industry geared specifically towards the professional makeup artist.


So let's for a second discuss the business of beauty. There are 2 parts of the beauty industry that I am familiar with. One is the everyday consumer which are all of you beautiful Goddess' that LOVE makeup like I do and want to own the latest colors or formulations to your favorite products and brands. Just like I love writing about my favorite Little Goddess Cosmetics, most beauty bloggers like writing about their must have products and where you can buy them too! (Probably in a MAC store because they seem to be the fan favorite. Yawn.)

Crazy Lashes!

HOWEVER, there is another part of this industry that most people are not aware of and that is the makeup artist and the artistry of their makeup. 
Of course you know what it is that a makeup artist does but if you look in a makeup artist kit, along with the brands you are so familiar with, you will find a land of unfamiliar intrigue!
And that is exactly what IMATS is for, to provide makeup artist with the latest tools and tried and true favorites to make the world more colorful. Tools that may be unfamiliar to you and I but work like magic wands to make the monster look scarier, the average look beautiful and the young look old.

It can't all be beautiful!

Also, who in the world is going to buy more makeup than a makeup artist?

IMATS is open to anyone who wants to purchase a ticket and would be a real treat for any makeup lover, professional or not. Here you can purchase products you would not be able to buy in a department or drug store. You can pick up really great deals on makeup cases, brushes and palettes. Most of the vender's usually offer discounted show prices-so stock up while you can!


Tomorrow I will share my beauty booty that I purchased at IMATS!