Friday, August 15, 2014

Review: Temptu Pro S/B Concealer Wheel and S/B Neutralizer Wheel 

Something comes over me when I see makeup. I know you all know that I love makeup but I have a visceral reaction when I see certain makeup and colors, specifically bright, candy colored makeup, usually in a cream form. Even if I do not know what I would do with these colors, I feel the need to own them, touch them, wear them, play with them. I almost want to become them or ingest them (weirdo). It's hard to explain. 

So off of the recommendation of a well known, respected makeup artist, I went in search of the Temptu Pro S/B Concealer Wheel and in turn, found the S/B Neutralizer Wheel. So I purchased both!

I couldn't wait to try the Neutralizer Wheel hence the divot marks from my spatula! 

First up-the S/B Concealer Wheel. 

This is a silicone based formula. I will do a post on the different makeup formulations and what they mean to you. It contains 5 different skin tones to create a flawless complexion. 
I initially fell madly in love with the texture of this product. Creamier than anything you can possibly imagine but therein lies the problem. They have a whole lot of slip and move around a bit. If you put a little extra effort into setting this product, you may not mind it but this is not going to be a product you apply and go. It does move and can crease in fine lines if not properly set. I have used this on a bride and it stayed the whole day, however I do a lot of prep work to make sure a brides makeup does not move. Like I said, if you want to put a little extra effort into your daily routine, you may not mind the creaminess. For the time being I have kept this in my personal kit. I would be afraid this product would melt off under hot lights or in humid conditions. I'm still playing around with it to figure it out because I really want to love it. I also feel like this gives a sheer coverage. If you don't have a ton to cover, this may be the product for you. Also, this will work well for fair to medium skin tones and you can use this to highlight and contour as well. There is only 1 option for this wheel and I'm not sure if this would work on darker skin tones. I think Temptu Pro needs to expand the color options for this wheel.

Next up, the S/B Neutralizer Wheel.

 Look at how stinkin pretty these colors are! I was immediately sucked into it's colorful beauty. I had to have them. I did not ingest them. Again, this wheel contains 5 colors used for correcting skin imperfections. 

  • Peach/Salmon-Neutralizes Blue
  • Pink-Brightens skin
  • Green-Neutralizes Red
  • Lavender-Neutralizes Yellow/Sallow skin
  • Yellow-Neutralizes Purple
Again, there is a lot of slip so this product moves easily. They are a dream to blend but they need to be set really well. I do not feel this product has enough coverage or saturation of color to properly correct. Since this is Temptu Pro and is a pro line aimed at pro's, you should be able to use these in multiple situations. For example, the peach corrector is lovely for someone looking to get rid of blue toned dark circles under their eyes as long as they are not too dark. You don't even have to mix this with anything else, it is that subtle-too subtle for pro use. I tried to use this to cover a tattoo, however I could not get the depth of color that you need to completely cover a tattoo. I sometimes use the pink as a cream blush and it adds a nice pop of color to the skin. I think this palette would be better off for the everyday consumer than for a professional makeup artist. 

I really love the feel of these products and would recommend the concealer wheel for anyone who would like to have multiple colors to blend and play with, of course keep in mind you will have to powder. If you are a professional looking for a true corrector palette, I would hold out for something else.

You can purchase both for $26 each at

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Monday, August 11, 2014

My Daily Skin Care Routine

Oh Hiiiiiiii there! Where have you guys been!? 

Just kidding! Life gets busy and sometimes I have to disappear. Sorry it was for months this time but I have had the busiest summer ever, which is good but it is going soooooo fast. This blog is not my full time gig so it is not always at the top of my to do list and other priorities take the top spot. Honestly, I write this blog because I love talking about makeup and skin care. Now if a bunch more of you would subscribe, I would be able to make this my full time job and you can hear from me pretty much every damn day you lucky buggers! 

Ok back to beauty! 

What better subject to discuss than my current skincare routine? I thought I would discuss this because one of my girls asked me what I put on my face at night before going to sleep. So here is what I use on a daily basis. Most of these products I use am and pm unless noted. 

  • Aquanil Cleanser-My AM cleanser and the 2nd cleanse of my PM double cleanse.
  • Coconut Oil-I use this as the first cleanse of my PM double cleanse and sometimes as a PM moisturizer. 
  • The Magic Pads (PM Only) I have already written about my love for this product. 
  • Bioelements Calmitude Hydrating Solution for Sensitive Skin-According to the website this product will: Safeguard against moisture loss,Soothe, hydrate and comfort upset skin, Free of artificial colorants or synthetic fragrance, Dermatologist and clinically tested to be non-irritating, NO artificial colorants, synthetic fragrance, parabens, DEA, phthalates or harsh irritants, used twice a day will last 3.5 months! This is very nice, like a daily, hydrating drink for the skin. It is basically a spray toner that adds a layer of moisture before applying whatever serum or moisturizer you are going to use on top. 
  • Paula's Choice Resist Ultra Light Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum- Yes I love long product names. This product, according to the website will fight acne breakouts, aging, large pores and wrinkles. It is a very lovely, silky smooth serum. I did not see magical things happen to my skin so I am not sure I will repurchase but it is in the repertoire right now. 
  • Hydralight Shinefree Daily Mineral Complex SPF 30 (AM only) Sun Protection

  • Loroche Posay Toleriane Cleanser-This is my cleanser I use when I am traveling. 
  • Paula's Choice Pore Normalizing Cleanser- I have this on hand for those extra sweaty summer days when your skin need a little deep cleaning. 
  • StriVectin Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles- I think the StriVectin line is highly over rated and over priced but I received this as a sample and I will use it until it is gone. Most likely will not be a repurchase.

I will be adding a few products to my daily list. First, a good retinol product and second, a good moisturizer! I do not know why I've had such a hard time finding a moisturizer that I love. I may go back to Dr. Dennis Gross Age Erase because I did like that one. 

So that is it, AM and PM. This list is always changing because my skins needs are always changing so I will add and remove accordingly.

So hopefully I will now be on my regular schedule of multiple post per week. I feel like I have so many things to tell you guys about! I hope you are all enjoying your summer!

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