Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Am I Ugly?

Am I Pretty or Ugly

Type those words into the YouTube search engine and see what pops up.

There is a trend happening on YouTube right now that is quite disturbing. Young girls are posting videos of themselves asking the viewers this simple question:

"Am I Pretty?"

The viewers can then post their answers in the comments section under the video.

Now let me give you some insight into what goes on on YouTube. As one of the hundreds of thousands of YouTube Makeup Gurus (YouTube's name, not mine), I can only speak from my own experience SO this is how it goes:

You work very hard to create a video that you think people are going to want to watch. Sometimes you have to film the video multiple times and then there is the couple of hours of edit time until finally you load your finished product that you put your blood, sweat and precious time into up to YouTube just to have some jacka$$ tell you
how much you suck.

Now for the most part, I have received mostly positive, friendly, kind feedback and I do believe that people are generally good but every now and then you come across the occasional troll that really feels the need to be negative and hurtful.
(For the record, I will never give some negative troll a platform for hate in my house.)

As an adult it can be hurtful and a little off putting. It can also be puzzling why anybody would want to intentionally be hurtful to another person but there are people who go on YouTube to do just that-to be mean and hateful. So it is really bothersome to think that young, insecure girls are exposing themselves willingly to such scrutiny and criticism. Some of these girls are just 10 years old!

Ummm, Hello YouTube-13 year old age limit? What happened to it? and Where are the parents? Why does your 10 year old have a web cam in their bedroom?!

I would love to tell each and every one of them how beautiful they are and how
I was happy to see that people are submitting videos responding to this trend and urging these young girls to please not post these videos and not worry about some insecure stranger's opinion.

I am sooooo happy there was no Internet when I was growing up because Lord knows what stupid things I would have done with it!!!

So what do you think?

Should YouTube step in and maybe set their age limits higher or should the parents be responsible for the videos their kids are posting?


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What is a BB Cream?

Every couple of years a new product comes along that no one has ever heard of and then BAM! All of a sudden it is everywhere!

Mineral foundations, Primers, "Natural" products, Lip Plumping glosses. One day no one is carrying them and then the next everyone is stocking them on their shelves. 

The latest product that is going to hit the cosmetics industry by storm is BB Creams.

So what is a BB Cream?

BB originally stood for Blemish Balm but I have recently heard it described as a Beauty Balm as well. They originated in South Korea, spread to Japan, then to South East Asia and now they are popping up in the good ole' USA! 

BB Creams were originally formulated for people who just had laser treatments and the BB Cream helped heel the skin while providing light coverage for scars and discoloration. Now they seem to be targeted towards people who have acne prone or sensitive skin.

BB Creams are intended to make your skin look perfect, provide coverage and have healing properties. They are a foundation, primer, concealer, moisturizer, sunblock and treatment cream all in one! Depending on which brand you choose, they come in varying degrees of coverage, protection or nourishment. The one complaint I have heard is because it is not technically a foundation, they usually only come in 1 or 2 shades, however now that the bigger cosmetics companies have picked up on the trend, I am sure there will be plenty of shades to pick from!

Does this all in one product sound too good to be true or does it sound like a bunch of hype? Do you think they will take off like a wild fire or will they be forgotten by next year?
I have never used a BB Cream but quite honestly they sound like a really good tinted moisturizer just like Little Goddess Mineral Sheer Tint SPF 20. LGC Mineral Sheer Tints are a foundation, moisturizer and Sunblock all in one! AND it has anti-aging properties!

So if this sounds like a product you would be interested in, keep your eyes and ears open because I am sure you will be seeing them everywhere!

**Another trend for Spring: People seem to be moving away from the very popular lip glosses that have dominated for the past few years and shifting back to wearing lipsticks!**