Thursday, May 26, 2011

Real Techniques Makeup Brush Review!

Hello my cutie pie's!

I did a post about a month ago explaining how important makeup brushes are to create a flawless makeup look. I want to introduce you to an affordable option to add to your collection or if you just want to try something new-Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman.

First let me explain who Samantha Chapman is. YouTube has created a crop of "Makeup Gurus" (YouTube's name not ours). YouTube Makeup Gurus are basically anyone with a camcorder who wants to upload videos talking about or showing how to do makeup or even just review products. There are some veeerrrryyyy popular Gurus who have become YouTube sensations because of their knowledge and their videos. Kandee Johnson and Lisa Eldridge, both professional makeup artist, are two of the most popular gurus, and Panacea 81 who has over 1 million subscribers! and she is not even a makeup artist! Just a regular gal who wants to talk about makeup and show her techniques to the world!

Samantha Chapman is one of these YouTube makeup guru sensations. Most YouTubers would recognize her by her YouTube handle which is Pixiwoo.

Mine is LittleGoddess33-hit me up!

Samantha is a professional makeup artist and a mother of 2 from the UK. She has teamed up with a company called Real Techniques and created her own line of makeup brushes.

I like these brushes. All these brushes have Taklon bristles, so if you are worried about being cruelty free-these are synthetic so absolutely no animal hair. Also, they can be used with a wide range of products-creams, liquids or powders! Very versatile!

Core Collection with box!

 -They are very plush and soft.

-They are color coded so you know what brushes are designed for what function.

Copper=Base (foundation/concealer)
Pink=Finish (blush/powders)

-The back of the box they come in also explains what function the brush was designed for.

Eye Starter Set in their case!
There are 3 starter sets that contain either 4-5 brushes, that come in their own case that can then be turned into a stand. I am not a fan of the case/stand. She has a crazy Kabuki brush that opens up! Have you ever seen a brush open up? She also has an angled foundation brush that I want to try.

I will say that some of the brushes I feel are too big or too small for what they were created to do. So I use them for what I feel they work best for (pointed foundation brush is too small so I use it for a concealer brush).

Also, definitely worth mentioning is the price! The starter set will run you about $16.00 and the individual brushes around $8.00. Definitely affordable!

I hope this helps if you were thinking of purchasing these or looking for an affordable way to jump in and expand your collection! I will post a video next week using some of these brushes! 

Have a safe, happy holiday weekend! 

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Kris said...

I loooove Pixiwoo!! I tried to do her Adele makeup look, didn't work out too well-im not too good witht he cream liner. I watched your video on how to apply too but I just don't think my hand is steady enough!

Little Goddess said...

Try balancing your hand on you cheek to keep it steady!Like if you were writing on a piece of paper but just on your face!