Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy December!

HO HO HO and Happy Birthday to ME!

There are some really happy days in the month of December! You have Christmas, New Years Eve and the happiest day of all-my birthday!

In honor of my very special day-which in my humble opinion should be considered a national holiday, I am going to be doing a very special giveaway!!

What will we be giving away you ask?

A Little Goddess Creative Color Pro Palette!

Yes that's right! You will be able to build your own Pro Palette choosing whichever Little Goddess eyeshadow colors you want to be in it!

There are 3 different ways you can join in the fun!

1. Subscribe to my blog and write in the comments section below which 3 colors you would like in you palette.

2. Like us on Facebook and post on our wall what colors you would like in your palette.
3. Follow us on Twitter and tweet me which colors you would like in your palette!

Do one or do them all! Just make sure you get involved!

I will be announcing 1 winner on my birthday, Thursday, December 15th! So you have 1 week to join.


KW Concepts said...

The 3 colors I would love to have in the palette are Brazilian Nut, Black Amethyst and Gold Minx said...

If I win, I would like Brazilian nut,Cashmere and Topaz. Thank You for the giveaway

Michele said...

Ok, since I only get to pick 3 and not all of them (picture me just getting off the floor from throwing a 4 yr old child fit because I want one of Now, I shall act like a mature adult ok so an adult anyway........
1.) Caramel
2.) Gold Minx
3.) Roselle

I also agree that December should be declared Little Goddess Month in lieu of your birthday! Michele xo

Leslie Chiorazzi said...

Hi Little Goddess,

I would like Water, Twig and Titanium. That said I would also like a glass of Prosecco and a hot sudsy bath. Happy Birthday!!!