Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lady Gaga Crystal Encrusted Eyebrows!

Last week I was watching Ellen (LOVE HER) and the ever entertaining Lady Gaga was on. Never one to disappoint with her outrageous looks, she came out wearing these big, huge crystal eyebrows! The rest of her makeup was so tastefully done that her eyebrows looked almost normal encrusted in big crystal rocks! I thought it was a fun look especially with New Years Eve right around the corner, so I wanted to give you my version of crystal encrusted eyebrows!

Lady Gaga on Ellen looking fabulous!
What you'll need:
Crystals-whatever kind you want! I used Crystalazzi in size 125.
Duo Glue-Make sure to get the white kind because it dries clear.
Q-tips (or as my peeps across the pond like to say, cotton buds)

1-Groom your brows!! Make sure you brush and groom them to the shape you want. Also, make sure to take care of any stray hairs as all focus will be on your eyebrows!

2-Get the crystals out of the package and ready for use. 

3-Take a little Duo glue on the back of your hand, dip a Q-tip in it then apply to a small section of your eyebrow. We are working in small sections because the glue will dry faster than you think.

4-Pick up a crystal with your tweezers and apply to the glued area of your eyebrow. Apply pressure to the crystal with your clean, glue free finger or a clean Q-tip.

5-Repeat until both eyebrows are covered!

That's me looking glamorously disheveled

So here are a few tips!
This can be a little messy, I had glue on the back of my hand and kept running my hand through my hair! So be mindful of the glue and not getting it all over everything.

These stayed on for 7 hours until I picked them off-they probably would have stayed on all night. Honeybuns has announced he wishes this is how I dressed all the time. 
I had no problem picking the crystals off but it took a little effort to get the glue out of my eyebrows. I rubbed olive oil through them and then rubbed the glue off with a towel.

So try this look! I loved it!
You can have your very own New Year's Eve ball dropping good time!

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Kristin said...

BTW, The rest of your makeup looks great! It really went well with the eyebrows, I like that color lip on you