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MAC Face and Body and Mineralize Skinfinish Review

MAC Face and Body and Mineralize Skinfinish Review
I may be the only makeup artist on the planet that does not carry not even one MAC product in her kit. It's not that I have anything against MAC, I don't! I have used MAC as a consumer for years and I love their products. I have never subscribed to the notion that MAC is the best pro line out there and your whole kit should be made up solely of MAC products. It's just not true and being the rebel that I am, I refuse to join the MAC force field! They do have some great pro products that I will definitely add to my pro kit but quite honestly, there are other pro lines that are better. 

ALSO, MAC-listen up- You are one of the only (if not the only) companies that charge for a pro card. Seriously, stop it! It has made me hold off on applying, which has made me hold off on purchasing your awesome products!

Now with all that being said, I have added two MAC products to my personal makeup collection that I LOVE

First up, you all know that I am a foundation whore. I have been searching high and low over the years for a foundation that I love. They have mostly been fleeting love affairs but I believe I have found one that I may keep with me for a while. 

MAC Face and Body has been around for years. I believe I used to use it in the mid-90's. Face and Body is thinner than traditional liquid face foundation. This is a water based foundation (although the second ingredient is silicone) that delivers a sheer finish that can be built up to a medium-ish finish. This foundation gives your skin a really healthy, glowy complexion without looking heavy AT ALL. Your skin will look like a better version of your skin. If you have problem skin, you may want to pair it with a good concealer for any problem areas as this will not cover imperfections on it's own. If you have clear skin and just want a little something extra, this is the foundation for you!

I have read some people say there's a learning curve to using it? It's foundation people, play around and figure it out! There's only so many ways to apply it. I personally like using a round, synthetic buffing/foundation brush but this product is also perfect for applying with your hands. Buff it in until you feel it "pull" a little. 

Next up is MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Pressed Powder. I have stated time and time again that I am not a powder fan. Powder can age you and make your skin look dull if you use too much of it. This powder does none of that. This powder just takes the shine away without settling into fine lines or making your skin look over matte or dull. I even powder under my eyes with absolutely no issues. I highly recommend this powder. My only complaint is I don't feel it last very long. Once I powder, I find myself powdering again 30 minutes later. It's fine because it never builds up but I would like it to last a little longer. 

So there ya go! Two great products from MAC. I would love to add these to my professional kit, now if I can just get MAC to waive their pro card registration fee, I would be on board to buy all of their pro products!

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