Monday, July 6, 2015

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, A Review

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

Can you be in love with a product? Because I am in LOVE with this product. 

I have always claimed myself to be an eyeliner baby in the same vein as the Bridgitte Bardot's and Sophia Loren's of the world. I have always loved a sexily lined eye and would mostly use pencil liner to achieve that look. That is until I watched a video that used a felt tip pen liner to achieve a rock and roll eye and I thought 

"Why the hell do I not own a liquid pen liner!?" 

After some quick research and a trip to Sephora, my love affair with Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner began! I was hooked after the first use. 

The reasons I love this liner:
  • It is very black. 
  • True to it's name, it does stay all day. After wearing it for 8 hours, the only thing I've had to touch up is the inner corner and that is because I have a horrible habit of touching my eyes. Don't touch your eyes. 
  • Due to its skinny tip, you can make a very thin line or build it up to a thicker line. 
  • It does not smudge or bleed. 
  • It does not skip or dryout during application. 

There is really nothing about this product that I don't like. It is waterproof so you will need something to remove it with. I have no problem removing it with my double cleanse routine using coconut oil, a washcloth, and creamy cleanser.  

Now with that being said, I went to lunch with a friend the other day and she complimented my cat eye which was more prominent than usual. She said she can't do a cat eye because her hand is not steady enough. Now, I'm not going to lie, winged liner can be a tricky little bitch but there is no reason why anyone shouldn't be able to pull off this sexy look. Professionals don't always get it right and have to clean up their work sometimes so here are a few tips and tricks to make your life a little easier:

  • Go Slow! Do not attempt to draw a straight line all in one shot. Draw little lines or dashes and you can fill in any open spaces at the end. 
  • To get as close as possible to the upper lash line, place your thumb on your brow bone and gently lift the skin up. This will allow the skin at the lashline to be lifted and a little more taut providing a very close to the lashline application. 
  • Do not take your line all the way to the very outer corner of your upper lashline. This can draw your eyes downward creating an aging or tired effect. Instead, stop about 2-3 eyelashes short of your outer corner and angle the line slightly up towards the tail end of your eyebrow. This will give your eyes a lifted effect. 
  • If you cannot get your outer flick sharp enough, use a little eye makeup remover on a q-tip to help sharpen it up a little bit. You can also use whatever leftover foundation or concealer you have on your brush.
  • Lastly, do not be afraid to use the magnified side of your mirror to get a real close up look at what you are doing. Just make sure you take a step back and look on the regular side so you know it is not getting away from you. 

You can purchase Stila at Sephora for $20.00

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Lucy Aikman said...

I had tried still liquid eyeliner once a long time ago. It was a pen also, the only thing is I must not have put the cap back on right away because it dried up very quickly.