Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sigma Beauty and Why You Should Order From Them

Jessica Savino Professional Makeup Artist in New York and New Jersey


Taking photos for this blog feels like such a chore sometimes. I know that those of you who have unlimited access to my selfies will be surprised to learn that I am not a fan of taking photos (not including of myself obviously).  If I am not taking pictures of myself, I am taking pictures of food or beauty products. I must say, the product photos seem to be the most challenging for me and is quite possibly the sole reason I don't keep to a regular writing schedule. Some of these Beauty Bloggers photo games are on point! I am not one of them, I am the opposite of one of them. I have neither the time nor the patience to take the perfect picture in the perfect setting every single time. 

Now with that being said, Sigma Beauty has their packaging game so tight they made me want to take a bunch of photos of their products! I received 2 packages recently from Sigma and they really make you feel special about ordering from them. 

The first package was an order I placed consisting of their Gel Liner in Wicked, 2 Longwear liner, 2 brushes~ E06 a tiny, slanted eyeliner brush and E25 a blending brush. Not only did they send me a free gift (a E25 mini blending brush which I chose), they sent me a bunch of pamphlets explaining all of their products as well as explaining how to use everything I had purchased. Quick review: The gel liner is smooth, very black and stays all day~I highly recommend it. The E25 brush is great and very similar to MAC 217~I actually reach for the E25 more, the liner brush is good but I prefer the Bdellium mini liner brush-I think it's a little stiffer, and the eyeliners are ok, I'm not doing cartwheels over them. I have already purchased some more items that I am waiting on.

The second package was an unexpected delivery of my pro card. Again, super special. Not only to they send you a pro card, they sent a bunch of eye shadow samples, eyebrow powder samples, and another free brush! Guess which one--yep my 3rd F25! lol, you can never have too many brushes and this one is a great one to have multiples of. 

Just a quick overview of Sigma: quality, affordable products used by both professional artist and consumers alike. Also, really great customer service. They helped me really quickly and efficiently when there was a glitch with my first order. So give them a try! 
You really cannot go wrong with any of their products.

Jessica Savino Professional Makeup Artist in New York and New Jersey

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