Sunday, July 15, 2012

Beauty Tips from Mom!

The other day I was reading a magazine article about beauty secrets passed down from generation to generation and I could not think of any magical beauty tips that my mother or grandmother had passed down to me. I do remember there was always  a bottle of Oil of Olay involved in my mother, Lucille's beauty routine and I also remember my grandmother, Rose, only washed with Ivory Soap and claimed to have had only one pimple her whole life! She lived to the ripe old age of 87 so that would be quite the impressive feat, especially since I seem to have a pimple a week! My grandmother also liked to ask people to guess her age which I am positive I will be doing when I grow up!
Then the other night I was applying makeup on this lovely young lady named Katrina. Every time I came near her lower lash line with eyeliner or shadow, she would tense up and immediately start blinking and tearing. I said to her "if you keep your mouth open, it will help your eyes to stop twitching". Katrina asked "where did you learn that?" to which I replied "my mother!"
Then it hit me! That is the beauty tip my mother passed down to me. I used to sit at the kitchen table when I was a little girl and watch my mother apply her makeup and get ready for work. It was probably during one of these mornings that she passed along that little nugget. I had probably asked her what the hell she was doing with her mouth hanging open. I still use that tip to this day, I actually cannot put on mascara any other way except with my mouth open and I have to control it a bit during my tutorials so as not to look like I need an ambulance. It does work and I have researched it but could not find any correlation between the two.
So what is the beauty tip that your mother or grandmother or favorite aunt passed down to you?

 Please share, I would love to hear it!


Stephanie said...

What a cute story! I remember your Mom siting at the table, putting on her makeup!

My aunt gave me a good tip. Apply foundation to your lips. Add lip liner over,and fill in your lips with it before applying your lipstick. And, always blot with a tissue.


Little Goddess said...

That's a great tip Steph!! MUAH!