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Tips and Tricks: How to Look Younger Using Makeup

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Look less like this

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as you age!

Everyone wants to stay young. It's part of the universe's trickery that you get wiser as you get older. Well some of us do. They even say youth is wasted on the young and I have to agree. Unless you are Peter Pan, you are probably aging by the second. Good thing I'm here to teach you the do's and dont's, the tips and the tricks to youthful looking makeup! These tips are good for everyone, not just ladies above a certain age. I feel there is a very heavy handed makeup trend right now that can be very harsh looking and age you before your time. So everyone should listen up.

The Do's 
  • Do switch to a moisturizing foundation or a tinted moisturizer. Dewy is your friend. 
  • Do switch to a cream blush. As we age we lose moisture in our skin, every little bit of dewiness is going to help, so ditch the powders and opt for a cream. 
  • Do lighten up on your eyeshadow application. Stick to neutral tones and only use 1 or 2 colors. 
  • Do darken up your lashline with plums, blue, green, browns and greys. 
  • Do fill your brows in. Darker brows equal youth. Now I don't mean for you platinum blonds to start coloring your eyebrows in black, choose the color appropriate for you and fill em in!
  • Do add pink to your color repertoire. As we age we lose the pigment in our skin tone, a swipe of pink blush or baby pink eyeshadow will do wonders to give a more youthful complexion. 
  • Do add a little highlight to your cheekbones and inner corners of your eyes to add light and dimension to your face. 
  • Do use neutral or bright toned lip glosses or lipsticks. Pinks and nudes are your friends.
  • Do experiment with a nice bright eyeliner like a cobalt blue or turquoise green. Bright colors add modern youthfulness and fun! 

The Dont's
  • Don't apply a mask of matte foundation. Matte skin will age you in a heartbeat.
  • Don't over powder. Lightly powder only where needed. I usually only powder my forehead. 
  • Don't apply a lot of dark eyeshadow, especially in the crease. Try to keep darkness along the upper lash line where you start to lose definition. 
  • Don't put eyeliner or mascara on the lower lash line. Keep it clean. 
  • Don't over contour. Contouring is going to get it's very own post soon but for the sake of this list, harsh contouring will age you. Keep it light and well blended or just stick with a little highlighter. 
  • Don't use too much black eyeliner. Again, anything too harsh will age you. Switch it up and try softer purples, greys, browns, blues and greens. 
  • Don't wear dark matte lipsticks. Brick red, matte lipstick on a woman of a certain age pisses me off.
  • Do not line your lips in dark, lip liner. Lighten it up and skip the lip liner all together or use a nude tone that matches your lip color. Make sure to smudge and soften using your finger or a Q-Tip.  
So there you have them! Some quick tips to keep anyone looking like a fresh summer morning and not like some cold winter night! 

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Me trying to keep it youthful!

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