Monday, July 13, 2015

Jennifer Aniston Living Proof Product Review

Living Proof
Ok, lets discuss Jennifer Aniston for a minute. She gives good hair, doesn't she? If ever there was a hair icon of our time, it is Jenn Aniston. Of course it doesn't hurt that she is cute as a little, golden button but as soon as she busted out with that now famous "Rachel" haircut (that she has admitted she hated and that Chris McMillan has admitted to being high when he created it) she became one of the most sought after hair legends of our generation, a title that has lasted 20 years now. So it is only fitting that the hair queen has co-created her own hair care line.

I usually don't write post about hair products because I never feel I find good products. I feel my hair holds me back in life and maybe it's because I have been using sucky products? After one of my instructors took pity on my limp locks during a high fashion/runway makeup course, she brought in a sample of Living proof prime style extender (I don't like when titles or names are not capitalized, it bugs me) and it has been a whole new ballgame for me! 

Living Proof Prime Style Extender
Prime style extender is a hair primer that "locks in your style longer". You can use it alone or under other products. What it is supposed to do is "perfect and smooth strands and repel dirt and oil". What it does for me is creates smooth, healthy looking hair while providing a little bit of body so my hair is not so flat and lifeless. I apply a generous dollop of product all over my hair from roots to ends, I don't think you can put too much of this product on as it really is weightless. I very rarely read ingredients in hair products, maybe I should start and I would have better luck picking products so I have no idea what's in this but you can try and read the back if you want.
Living Proof Prime Style Extender
Next up, Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 styling treatment. I picked up a generous sample sized tube at Sephora. This product is supposed to: smooth, volumize, condition, strengthen, and polish. Both of these products suggest applying generously from roots to ends. I would not do that with this product, as it is not as weightless as the prime style extender. I only apply at the roots to get that little bit of volume. ***EDIT*** I would not use this at the roots, it is way too heavy for use at the roots and will weigh the hair down a bit. This is perfect from mid-shaft down to the tip.
living proof perfect hair dayliving proof perfect hair day
So America's sweetheart really got it right. Two really great products that have made a noticeable difference in how my hair looks after it is styled.

 Living proof is available at most Sephora's. 

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