Thursday, July 16, 2015

RedKen Stay High 18

This is a hair post. I was going to start by writing about how I never write about hair stuff but I think I have started a few post with that sentence so I guess I do sometimes write about hair stuff. So here we go again!

I have fine hair. I have a decent amount of it but it is fine none the less. I am always looking for ways to add volume to my sometimes lifeless, pin straight hair. I always said my hair game is holding me back in life. I change the color up a bunch and sometimes will cut bangs in but for the most part, I style it the same all the time because I feel like I don't have a choice. I love sexy, big, voluminous hair with tons of body a la every sexy bombshell pretty much ever. For as much time as I spend on product research for makeup is as little time that I spend on product research for hair.

I mentioned my quest for big hair the last time I was getting my bi-monthly salon visit and on the recommendation of my hair stylist, I purchased Stay High 18 Hair Gel/Mousse by Redken.  

So yeah-interesting name. Interesting name for an interesting product. This is a gel that turns into a mousse. Crazy right!? You dispense a little in your hand, it will initially be a clear gel, starts to foam a little and then when you rub your hands together it will miraculously turn into a mousse! As I've said, I don't research too much hair products so I am not sure if a product like this already exist so it was very fascinating for me! It will not be a light, fluffy mousse. This is definitely a heavier mousse that still has a bit of a gel texture to it. I am not sure if the gel to mousse texture does anything special or if it is just a gimmick but I do know that this stuff works! 
My stylist told me to use it at the roots, the bottle says to use it root to tip. Do whatever works for you, this product is not a "crunchy" product so you can use it however you want. I use only at the roots but have done both. The first time I used it I released too much product, decided to use it all, then thought "well you fcked up now" but my hair did not feel too heavy or producty at all once it dried.  

This product leaves your hair full of body with some decent lift at the roots. I have recently taken a blow dry class and that has actually upped my volume game a bit. Everyone should learn how to properly blow dry their hair! I just want to blow dry my hair big and this product, along with the proper technique helps with that!

My one negative critique of this product is as usual with the packaging. This pump dispenser has the tendency to dispense too much product if you are not careful. One quick short pump should do the trick to cover your roots with product. The box is cute and once you open it, it has instructions on how to create 3 different runway looks. Cute idea but honestly, the instructions are way too simple for these runway hair looks.

You can purchase Stay High 18 at Ulta for $24.

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