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Makeup Forever HD High Definition Foundation Review

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I don't know why it has taken me so long to write about Makeup Forever HD Foundation.

 MUFE HD Foundation is the foundation I compare every other foundation I use to. MUFE HD is for me, that boyfriend that you always go back to in between the other boyfriends that you think are going to be better for you, but almost always end up disappointing you. That is my relationship with MUFE HD. 

This foundation was formulated for use in filming with high definition television and film, so it is as invisible as a foundation can possibly be. It is for the everyday woman, as well as the professional makeup artist. You can keep 5-6 of these shades in your kit and make pretty much any color you would need. This is oil and paraban free. It is medium coverage but can be built up to a full coverage. It has a really nice, natural finish- not too dewy, not too matte. So what is my problem? Why haven't I put a ring on it?
Maybe it's boredom or the grass is greener somewhere else but there is just too much variety to settle down with one. 

This is the foundation I entrust when I absolutely need my skin to look it's best. Where other foundations fail me, this one does not. I do not know what prevents me from awarding it Holy Grail status. I can be a fickle one with my foundations. I do recall feeling this was too sheer and simultaneously too heavy. Obviously, I have issues but I return to it time and time again. Between this foundation and my growing romance with my Beauty Blender, I am for the moment content. 

I will probably never be a loyal, one foundation kinda gal. I used to be, I would loyally use 1 foundation for years. However, there are way too may formulations, colors and brands to not want to try them all. I already have my eye on two new one's that I would like to take a crack at. Also, if I stuck with one where would you guys get your foundation information from? 

Straight out of the pump

Semi blended in

Blended in

This foundation comes in 26 shades. I am shade 120. I don't think the colors on this chart are very true to the real shades but you can read the descriptions to get an idea of what would be for you.

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