Thursday, January 23, 2014

Nail Rock 3D Manicure with Caviar Spheres

Today I did something absolutely unheard of in my world.

 I gave myself a manicure. 

I cannot express how absolutely painful manicures are for me. And boring. I don't even like writing about nails and polishes. Out of the over 160 post on this blog, this is the 2nd one about nails. 

I used to get my nails manicured every Friday, without question. Now, if I get two manicures a year, that is a lot. I still get my pedicures, religiously every other week, however I have become soooo impatient with manicures. I can't stand waiting for it to be done and waiting for it to dry is pure torture. You may as well lock me up and throw away the key because that's what it feels like, like it's never going to end. Ok maybe I'm being a bit dramatic but you get the picture. If I am going to treat myself to a mani, I always go to a professional because quite honestly, I suck at them. I am sloppy when it comes to nails. I keep them short and squarish. I do manage to file them and keep them neat but that's the extent of it.

So imagine my excitement when I received, in this month's Birchbox, a nail art kit called Nail Rock, the hottest new 3D manicure. So what is Nail Rock? Nail Rock is a silver nail polish that comes with these teeny, tiny pearlescent sheres (the caviar) that you dip your nail into while it is wet to create this 3D effect. I decided to try it because why not. I have to say, I was surprised that I did it without painting my whole apartment silver and it looks pretty ok. It does look much better in person, pictures pick up every damn thing you don't want them to. I also used Sally Hanson Double Duty Top/Bottom coat.

 Still in the packaging.

Out of the packaging with some fancy effects.

One coat of Sally Hansen Double Duty.

Two coats of nail polish.

The caviar spheres. These things are miniscule and I am already envisioning them all over my bed when I go to sleep.

Dip your finger in the spheres:

Voila'! I only did one finger on each hand because I couldn't imagine having these on every finger. I did the boring old played out doing your ring finger different than the rest on my left hand.

Then I got all rebellious and did my pinky on my right hand!

                                                     Giving you the finger(s)!

I wanted to get a shot in the sunlight so you can see how shiny it looks.

So bottom line, it was easier than I expected. I can't see these spheres lasting through many hand washings. 

I would probably do it again for a special occasion and when I was feeling calm and patient. This reminded me of a friends wedding party that I was a part of. We went and got mani/pedis the day before the wedding and I got my toes done in this delicious corally, pink color and the woman put shiny, see through spheres on my toes and they were shining like pink diamonds and disco balls. They were gorgeous. 

 You could probably use this with different nail polishes. I think this would look cool with a black, matte mani and these pretty silver caviar balls. The silver nail polish has a gritty appearance although it doesn't feel gritty. I feel like this will wear off quickly. I'll let you know. 

 The irony of all this is I was planning on getting a manicure this coming week because I have a business function coming up, so now I will have two mani's in a week! I hope I survive!

 If you are interested in purchasing Nail Rock:

You can also purchase Nail Rock at Charlotte Russe or Urban Outfitters. You can purchase Sally Hansen at all major drugstores and super markets. 

Just as I suspected, this 3D Nail Rock is going to be a single use experience. It took around 3 hours and 1 hair washing before there was only one lonely sphere left on my pinky. My ring finger is holding on pretty nicely but I do believe the best bet for these is to plan on wearing them for one night only. And make sure to apply after you wash your hair!

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